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Bershad Document

From Ruth Glasberg Gold

I found a document from Bershad, Transnistria where I signed for the receipt of 90.- R.K.K.S sent by my relatives in Czernowitz. I was 12 years old. RKKS stands for „Reichskreditssheine“ (a German military currency used in occupied countries during WWII).


Radautz Bukowinaer Young Men and Young Ladies Benevolent Association

From Marilyn Gelber comes this message and a gem of a photo:

I am attaching a group photo of the Radautz Landsmanschaft, meeting with the Jablonower Landsmanschaft, in March, 1909.
There seems to be some kind of presentation being made by the Jablonower L. to the Radautz L. – you can read it on the banner that they are holding in the center of the photo.  You have to magnify the photo, of course.
My grandfather, Emil Goldenberg (who listed his birthplace as Czernowitz) is just to the right of the banner, in the first row above the banner.  He must have been about 21 years old at the time.
If you have any other information about the Radautz Bukowinaer Young Men and Young Ladies Benevolent Association, I’d be interested to know where I can find it.  Thank you –
With kind regards,
Marilyn G. Gelber

Click on the photo to see an enlarged version:
Radautz Landsmanschaft, 1909_0001sm

1909 Photo from Marilyn Gelber – Radautz Bukowinaer Young Men and Young Ladies Benevolent Association


Searching for information: Regina Kiesler and Nathan Byk

Hi Everyone –  Greetings from Chicago.   I’ve been reading all of your emails,  and this is the first time I’ve posted.
My Great, great Grandfather and GGGM were from Czernowitz.   I cannot locate any birth certificates or birth info on either of them.   They moved to Vienna at some point where they both are buried in the Zentralfriedhof Cemetery.
From the obituaries below I’m hoping one of you may recognize them,  their children etc.   One of Nathan’s sons is Alexander Byk,  my  GGGrandfather.  He was born in Bojan,  Bukovina, in June, 1869 and was married in Brody.   He also moved to Vienna with his wife Friedericke Debora Byk (b.  1870).   Not sure if Nathan and Regina moved to Czernowitz after that but I’m stuck as far as genealogy goes.   Thanks for your help
Hetty Schimmel-Lima <halrph@sbcglobal.net>
Obituary of Nathan Byk (d. Vienna, 1916)

Obituary of Nathan Byk (d. Vienna, 1916)

Obituary of Regina Byk (born Kiesler)

Obituary of Regina Byk (born Kiesler)