Grave locators

Horecea Grave Trackers.


We are the group of Czernowitz Cemetery Guides.

We are specialized on the JewishZwintar in Horecea.

We take you to your grave in the shortest time .

Just give us your name and you are there !

All this for a small nominal fee of100 $ per grave.

Special summer deal : 2 adjacent graves for 120 $.

Bring your family – theywill all enjoyvisiting your grave.

Wehave all necessary tools to clear our way .

We can also clean and repair your grave ,if in needed.(Extra pay).

Put us on the job and rest in peace.

Now bad times come to us – buzzards gather in the sky.

With all this voluntary amateur cemetery cleaning, our living is at risk.

Every snapling that they cut brings us closer to the dole.

Strange winds blow on the Zwintar now.

They even want to install satellite grave locators ! GPS !!

Enter your name and get navigation directions !

“Turn left after black monument “

“Bingo, this is your grave “.

Hear this ! Everybody finds his own grave !

Where will this bring us ?

Who will feed our children ?

Committee of Horecea Grave Trackers.



Hello Blog!

Nice work, Jeromer! Works well. But it would be nice to have a direct link from the ehpes.com/blog1 location right to “Compose a New Post”. Can it work that way?

I found the file with this post on my hard drive. I think it’s the ceremonial hall at the Cz. cemetery entrance. Who can make some use of these plans? Best to everyone!

Bruce Reisch

Old Plan for the Leichenhalle at the entrance to the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery (?)

Old Plan for the Leichenhalle at the entrance to the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery (?)


Just testing

Hello Jerome, hi ephes-members. Just testing how to post in the blog. Seems quite simple for the moment. Czernowitzers are bright people, aren´t we?

best regards