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Czernowitzers et al:I have been in contact with Reeva Kimble the webmistress of the Mir Belarus website. I came across her site while looking for other Jewish genealogical sites. May I recommend you spend some time browsing this interesting website? Even though I have no genealogical connection to Mir, I find the Mir website fascinating, and very nicely constructed.Reeva is also managing the translation of the Mir Yizkor book into English. You can see from the index page that there is precious little translated. To get the flavour of this town and the gut wrenching events that were to be its fate, take a moment and read “MIR – BEFORE THE DESTRUCTION” and ” THE GERMAN OCCUPATION AND LIQUIDATION OF OUR LITTLE TOWN”.It’s not clear to me why the history of this town affected me so profoundly, but it did. And when you add the fact that the voices of the Yizkor book cannot be heard by those who do not read Hebrew, more’s the pity!Reeva and I discussed the difficulty she’s having in getting more of the book translated. There are still survivors in Israel in their 80’s or older. They have engaged in other memorial activities as you will see when you get to the website.And so, I wondered if among us, there were folks who could and would translate ‘small chunks’ of the Yizkor book of Mir? To this end, I have in the ‘Pages’ section of this blog, posted a ‘chunk’ of the text (six pages, one of which has already been translated) for you to look at. You can go there directly, by clicking HERE.I have no idea whether this is a hard or and easy job: I don’t know if the Hebrew is easy to read or not; if it will take a long time or a short time to do a chunk of this size. Reeva says she has folks who can check the historical names, and correct them.Given all that, if you have English/Hebrew skills and would like to take a look at the materials above we would appreciate hearing from you, even if it’s just about the level of difficulty of the ‘job’. Reeva is primarily interested in doing the the History chapters first, starting with the ‘History of the Jews of Mir’ by Dr. N.M. Gelber.It would certainly be considered a ‘mitzveh’ to have some help with this project!Thanks,jerome



Ever heard the Yiddish expression Kimpeturn ? Something like German Woechnerin. It has to do with child birth and lying in bed before ,during or afterthe process.

This was a many weeks process in old times.(The girls of the group can elaborate). As this involved certain inconveniences the classic quote relates :” Wie a Kimpeturn afn Nachtgeschirr “.Nachtgeshirr was a chamber pot.

As this involved some acrobatics the quote referred to clumsinessin general.” Er dreit sich arim wie …( see quote).”
(He behaves like …( see above).)



Help identify family in 1936 photo

This email was received today from Michal Apter-Lecker <micola@biu.013.net.il>:

Please help identify these people.

Please help identify these people.

“This photo was taken about 1936 in Czernowitz, by – Jacob Broll … Ferdinand 38 ? I do recognize only one person – Yosef-Yoshko Orenstein – the 2nd. to the left. Maybe you can help identify the others?”Please reply to the address above.


The Israelite Temple in Czernowitz – article from 1882

Temple drawing - image 4

Edgar Hauster just sent this message to Jerome and I:

“I’ve discovered an interesting article for our section “The Temple at Czernowitz”, released by “Allgemeine Bauzeitung” in Vienna for the year 1882. The article (pdf) covers the building history adding 5 very fine drawings (jpg’s).”Kudos go to Edgar for his research skills in finding this excellent article.  Click on the link below to view the article and click on the thumbnails with this post to view the excellent drawings of the Temple.Bruce Reisch1882 Temple Article

Temple drawing - image 2

Temple drawing – image 2

Temple drawing - image 3

Temple drawing – image 3

Temple drawing - image 5

Temple drawing – image 5

Image 1 - Temple drawing

Image 1 – Temple drawing