Since reading the “Tag” dailyI am verywell informed about what happened in the town when I was only 3 years old. Many names appear that I recall from the later 1930th. In to-days’ edition there is for the first time an announcement that must have been revolutionary for the time.

A man whose wife is away for several weeks looks for a nice young woman for company. Look on page 3, November 23 1932.Edgar must have read in the next numbers of the paper if this was a hoax or indeed in 1932 they already had a “mica publicitate” that compares with our times.

Was it an April 1 announcement in  November, or did somebody really mean it, and if this is so how can we make out who that man was? Any ideas?Also why are some announcemeents in latin letters while the main text and other announcements are still gothic?



The Third Man Enigma

Rose Ausländer, Helios Hecht, Itzik Manger, Arnold Schwarz (?)

Is the third man at the right really Arnold Schwarz, the editor of the Czernowitzer daily newspaper “Der Tag”? Experts are in doubt, me too, as Arnold Schwarz, born in 1880, would have been 48 years old on that photo from the year 1928. Please help and let us know your knowledge/supposition!