Maccabiah Games 1933 in Czernowitz Banned!

Berti Glaubach: “Reading to-day the critical articles in “Der Tag” I had no premonition about the incumbent banning of the newspaper for a week. On retrospection I understand why the authorities did so. The newspaper points out that the change in official politics –  first allowing and then retracting after a short time – actually shows the government’s weakness. I think it is this very truthful point that really hurt  the authorities, on top of the natural  antisemitic background that created it.The Siguranta would not vouch for the safety of the Jews coming to the Maccabiah. It seams that Mihalache talked to Lord Melchet (president of Maccabi) in London and “convinced” him that to cancel was justified for safety reasons. But “Der Tag” rightfully says: What are you doing, governing or not?Indeed they were not, and all sorts of radicals like the Cuzists and the Garda de Fier could have their say in nearly everything without being punished, except may be when they attacked the Royal Family. Only Antonescu, 7 years later put an end to their freedom, unfortunately after taking ours and worse…”



Mr. Landmann, an Intellectual from Czernowitz!

Inscription: Landmann, intellectual from Czernowitz, 36 years old, died of hunger and cold on the road Moghilev – Scazinetz, 04.01.1942.
Artist: Erwin Schäfler, born in Vienna, left Austria for Romania in 1937, escaped to Ukraine in 1940, joined the Red Army, served on campaigns, returned to Transylvania in 1946, emigrated to Israel in 1958 and deceased in the year 1965.


In the Orphanage of Moghilev, March 1943


Atachi, November 1941