Establishment of Monument at Destroyed Jewish Cemetery After Trip To Czernowitz

This past May, my wife Rachelle and I visited the town and village (Mostyska,Rudnyki) where her mother’s family lived and unfortunately many members of the family died during WWII.

The region is approximatelyone hour west of Lviv. With the help of  Serhiy Bilichenko, who acted as our guide and facilitator, we found the destroyed Jewish cemetery of the area. Serhiy was instrumental in enabling us to place a monument on the site (photosattached).  He made numerous trips back to the site and persevered until the monument was in place. His righteous behavior deserves to be recognized.  We are forever appreciative to Serhiy and others who helped make this possible, including the mayor of the town, the town attorney, and the monument builder, aswell as individuals in the area who have cleared the site of weeds.


Dr. Manfred Reifer

“Der Tag” has brought up to “now at least 3 critical articals about Reifer’s paper in the Allgemeine Zeitung. On the net I found a French translation, but none English or Hebrew and not the Original. It appeared on September 2, 1933 and was for obvious reasons not very much liked by the Jewish community and probably not preserved by individuals.As there might be important differences (misunderstanding or even bad faith) between the French version and the original I would very much like to read the article as it appeared and also Dr.Reifer’s answers and excuses for it.  Can somebody find this written material from 1933 or later?As Dr.Reifer, one of the prominent Czernowitzer Jews, critically expounded the Jewish role in the rising of Nazi Germany, and that from a  Zionist standpoint – his article being cited up to now by antisemites- it would be nice to have its entire original text for study .Unfortunately my personal connections (one uncle who was second in charge to him at the Keren Hayesod in Cz. and others) that could provide more information are long dead. Does anybody remember the case?Berti