Textile Businesses in Czernowitz

In September 2011 I asked the Cz Archive to look for documents concerning
my grandfather’s (Isidor Rosenzweig) shop and factory “KARA” (Image 10008a).

I received some documents from the Cz Archive and noticed that in the first
page there’s a list of other textile businesses as well. I thought
maybe some other Cz List members would find these documents interesting.

Noemi Eshet-Rosenzweig

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One thought on “Textile Businesses in Czernowitz

  1. dear noemi .
    bbeing also a granchild of a jewish czernowitzer , i’d be thankfull if you could send me some link to those archives. my grand father , leizer klier , owned some little beverage factory outside cz. in zuchka (as far as i remember) . he’s family arrived in cz. in the 1850;s, probably …and like o many of them…he died soon after entering thr ghetto , in oct. 1941 .
    thanks in advance , lena

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