Transnistria Card

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To: Irene Fishler
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Hi Jerome can you please add this to Ehpes? and mail the link to the
Czernowitz list so others can share,

It is my grandmother’s Transitria Card
I will send you a story to go with it soon

Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker
Bet Shemesh

From Irene Fishler
Well, Tal, this NOT a Transnistria ID-Card.
I wondered if something like this ever existed at the time of deportation.
Can you read Rumanian or French?

This is a document issued in 1947 in Bucharest by an organisation called
“Association of Former Deportees to Transnistria” -probably according to
some international agreements and sanctioned by the Rumanian Government .
This “paper” gave the repatriated people some priveleges. That’s what I

It IS a very important and interesting document, of course.
We would like to hear the story your grandma.



We Remember Lucca

From Irene Fishler

My first contact with Lucca and our first meeting.
Everything happened in November 2005, thanks to… Ehpes !

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From: Irene
To: Lucca Ginsburg
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 10:26 PM

Dear Lucca,

My name is Irene Fishler and I live in Haifa. 2 weeks ago I joined the Czernowitz2006 Group. Today I looked at your photos-collection on the Cz.- L group site. Since then I am going through a big excitement, I hardly calmed down. It’s about the Meisler Schule.

Tante Lea was my mother Leonore (Lea ) Ehrenkranz , geb. Kraemer.

Frau Singer was my beloved Tante Flora (geb. Kraemer).

Frau Direktor Meisler was their Tante Berta, my grandmother’s sister. It was a women- family- business and a teacher’s dynasty. I myself was for 26 years a teacher in Haifa, now retired…

Where do you live in Israel? I’ll be pleased to talk to you. What language do you prefer: Hebrew, Rumanian or German?

Can you please write your phone number? When do you like me to call?

Best wishes


Dear Irene,
I think that I am not less excited than you were when looking at the Meisler schule photos!
I published them – I think – more than a year ago and up to now nobody reacted, I so hoped to hear from a previous school friend – and now, here, I get a much more exciting reaction from someone who was part (at least indirectly) of my early and really so happy years of my childhood!!

I loved “Tante Lea”! And Mrs. Singer, oh well, what can I tell you? Up to the present time I thank her in my heart for my fluent written German (as an executive secretary in foreign languages she contributed to my profession)/ One of my most priced possessions is a letter I received from her which arrived from Bucharest to the small island in the Caribbean where I spent 8 years with my parents.

Generally, those years in the Meislerschule were the happiest of my childhood because, as you know so well, our troubles started in 1940, when I was 10 years old. I never managed to visit the Carmen Sylva Lyceum which my parents had chosen for me!

My mother language is still German, I am also still fluent in Rumanian, but do not have much opportunity to use it. I too live in Haifa, for the last 1 1/2 years in the Elisha Towers (not due to health problems but due to personal tragedy, which I will tell you about.) I have one daughter plus family in San Diego, I just returned from there two weeks ago, and I have a married son in Frankfurt . My telephone number is 8100703, cellphone 052-3800531 unfortunately I often forget it at home …

Please, PLEASE, Irene call me! Elisha is full of activity, fitness center, swimming pool, all kinds of programs every day at 6 p.m. I do whatever I can! Best time to reach me is from 1 p.m. to 2, or in the evening after 9.
I am so looking forward to hearing from you.
In the meantime a hug,


Sadagura Construction

From Cora Schwartz by way of Hardy Breier

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Hello from Sadgura-will send picture of 2 hotels being built here in center of Sadgura-(being built by Israelis?) The gray one in back was the Jewish school long ago? Pls let me know if u can transfer these picture to CZ list and if anyone has questions (my question marks are because the info here might be questionable)
[Cora Schwartz]