The End of the “Old Theater” of Czernowitz

The Municipality of Czernowitz came to the decision to demolish the “Old [Jewish] Theater”, later the [Jewish] Worker’s Home at the corner Schulgasse/Türkengasse in the year 1934, as we learn from the August 26, 1934 edition of “Der Tag”. Building ground for the new health insurance head office, followed by the social insurance headquarters.


Street named for Moishe Altman

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You are listed as the webmaster of a site containing maps of Czernowitz… you are probably aware of a street that was named after Moishe Altman, the yiddish author. Altman was the great grandfather of my wife and we are seeking for info, pictures, etc. of the old country and the whereabouts of him. I have been told that the enclosed picture is of the street I refer to. Can you confirm this? Do you have any further information about him?

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