The Elias Weinstein Petition

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The Elias Weinstein Petition File (Courtesy: Peter Elbau, Israel State Archives)


First row sitting (f.r.t.l.): Teacher Jakob Melzer, Dr. Maximilian Weinberger, Dr. Zwi Brender, Dr. Josef Mann, Abraham Bojar – vice mayor of the town of Tel Aviv, Dr. Ben Zion Sternberg, Dr. Elias Weinstein, Mosche Liquornik, Dr. Erich Neuborn, Heinrich Deligdisch

Second row (f.r.t.l.): Jakob Stenzler, Prof. Moshe Weisinger, Zwi Neumeier, Dr. Theodor Blum, Solomon Preschel, Schlomo Erbsenthal, Dr. Pinchas Rosen, Regina Levi, Dr. Lucie Hecht-Preminger, Ascher Hofer, Ruth Schorr, Dawid Weiner, Regina Schneider, Regina Beer, Solomon Rosenberg, Dr. Heinrich Rubel, Isak Rosan, Eng. Gary Osterer

Third row (f.r.t.l.): Dr. Aron Hechtlinger, Leon Kraft, Nathan Ellenbogen, Mendel Stein, Jizchak Brückel, Dr. J. Feiger, Dr. Israel Drimmer, Dr. Josef Mosberg, Dr. Jizchak Pasternak, Dr. Karl Schorr, Jacob Spiegler, Markus Geller

Bukovinians in Israel (Courtesy: Peter Elbau, JewishGen)

6 thoughts on “The Elias Weinstein Petition

  1. jerome

    Edgar, Peter… Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s one thing to hear about the documents, but it’s quite another to see it !

  2. H. Jarvis

    In 1994 I met Dr.Ing. Albin Eisenstein in Dusseldorf and he gave me a book he had written (in German) entitled “The art of survival”. As a contributor of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain I had an article published describing the gripping story of his and his families experiences in the Siberian Gulag. This is in the September 2005 issue Volume 13, No 3. His sister Dr.Rachel Rosenzweig endured a similar but less gruesome fate. Their homes were in Czernowiz, Bukovina. These arrests of middle class intelectuals were carried out during the Russian occupation of the town in 1941. My multilingual Cousin Erich Einhorn was snatched to work in a Moscow office.

  3. berti glaubach

    Although I saw Dr. Weinstein several times as a child, I did not remember his face until viewing this photo.
    On the much later collective picture from Tel Aviv I find a lot of known names and can clearly recognize
    Dr. Josef Feiger (step son of my aunt Pepi Feiger). His younger brother Sami died some years before, is
    buried near the entrance to the Cz. cemetery, his name figuring on the stone of the pictures taken by some of our Ehpes correspondents.

  4. Anny Matar

    This petition is, for me, one of the most moving documents I have read in a long time. As I arrived in Israel in October 1944, after a long journey, and, as I am one of the few who had a last minute escape from Siberia, feel that the past 69 years made a come- back, as though I have just arrived here under the British. Dr. Weinstein’s letter, so factual, the High Commisioner’s ananswer, typical of the high and mighty treating the inferior Jew’s claim,as “alledged” and the wording ” directed by theSecretary of State for”colonies!!” WE have NEVER been a British Colony just a British “Mandate” the differnce according to Oxford Thesaurus// Colony=possesion,province while Mandare=the authority to carry out a policy or an official order or PERMISSION to do something!! latin= something commanded, I am afraid the British in Palestine (Roman name for this province, nothing to do with Palestinians) did not read their own Thesaurus and the reply to Dr Weinstein proves it.
    I did meet Dr Weinstein in Tel Aviv 1945. He was a most impressive tall man with a loud voice. At that time the Cerowitzers were not a community, particulalry interested to be reminded where they came from so, he had to battle to get them to buy “Die Stimme”.
    His letter, for me, is to show you the man he was.

  5. Serah Kraft-Greenberg

    It was a some sort of a bitter sweet relief to find out that Dr Elias
    Weinstein made a genuine attempt to help this forgotten group of people.
    In 1945 my grandfather, Max Kraft, a modest businessmen and a landowner, was
    still alive. However, in 1946 he succumbed to the hardship and inhuman
    conditions in one of the Inta-Vorkuta GULAG camps.
    His untimely death (aged 39) cast a heavy shadow over the lives of his
    (also deported) wife and children who miraculously survived their 8 years
    of Siberian ordeal. Moreover, the “alleged” deportation has irreparably
    influenced the lives of his 3 grandchildren, all of whom were born in
    Chernovtzi years after the war.
    Only few people from the thousands deported in 1940, 1941 and soon after the WWII returned to Czernowitz
    to tell their sad stories. That’s where the words “alleged deportation” came
    from: the witnesses were silenced forever.
    Thank you very much for bringing this document to our attention.

    Serah Kraft-Greenberg

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Miriam (Mimi) Taylor

    I think that these documents ought to be published in British newspapers or journals.
    As modern Anti-Semitism raises its ugly head under the guise of anti-Israeli criticism,
    we ought to show the world the truth.

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