Emunah Czernowitz – “Heimkehr” Essays jüdischer Denker

Another of the Jewish fraternities was “Emunah”.  On June 3, 1903, the Jewish National Academic Reading Society was “thrown open,” with the club colors gold-violet-gold. “Emunah” was highly active in the field of Zionism – a  characteristic for all the Jewish fraternities –  and also set up a library open to the public. Furthermore, “Emunahs” intellectual athmosphere culminated in publishing several books. To mention is especially “Heimkehr. Essays jüdischer Denker”  with a preface by Leon Kellner. (Homecoming. Essays of Jewish Thinkers). This anthology contains contributions by notable Jewish authors like Balaban Majer, Nathan Birnbaum (who coined the term “Zionism”), Max Rosenfeld, Salomon Schiller and Leon Kellner. It came out 1912 and is now available online via the university library of Frankfurt: http://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/freimann/content/titleinfo/936863



April 24, 1946: Postcard from Czernowitz (U.S.S.R.) to Tel Aviv (Palestine)

Zw1Zw2This correspondence between notable Czernowitzers is brought to you by courtesy of Peter Elbau. As sender we discover Rahel Zwilling, the mother of Matthias Zwilling [Herr Zwilling und Frau Zuckermann by Volker Koepp], and the addressee is Dr. Elias Weinstein, the founder of “Die Stimme” and the author of “The Elias Weinstein Petition”.