Happy Birthday, Edgar Hilsenrath!

goodreads: Edgar Hilsenrath (born [April 2] 1926) is a German-Jewish writer living in Berlin. His main works are Night, The Nazi and the Barber, and The Story of the Last Thought.

Hilsenrath was born in Leipzig. In 1938 his mother escaped with her two children to Siret (Sereth), in Romanian Bukovina, where they enjoyed a respite from persecution. At the time that he should have received an entrance card to higher education, he and his mother were interned in the ghetto of Cernăuţi (Czernowitz).

He began to write about the Holocaust after his liberation when he moved to Paris. Hilsenrath also lived in Palestine, Israel, and New York.

According to Dagmar C. G. Lorenz, Simon Wiesenthal Center, “Hilsenrath calls things by their proper names and portrays life first and foremost as physical existence, of whose details the reader is constantly made aware: birth, nursing, feeding, sex, and excretion accompanied by feelings of pleasure and pain. The rhetoric of politicians and political theory are shown to be the schemes of beings ultimately dependent on these bodily processes and subject to physical desires. Hilsenrath’s very approach is a protest against disrespect toward the mortal body, against the tyranny of the mind over matter.”


Czernowitz – Stadt der Dichter [City of Poets] by Amy-Diana Colin & Edith Silbermann

Cover_Czernowitz (2)Info-Buch_Colin, Silbermann


Amy-Diana Colin’s (PhD, Yale) much-anticipated book “Czernowitz – Stadt der Dichter [City of Poets]”, the “History of a Jewish Family from Bukovina (1900-1948)” is now at the bookseller’s!

What a literary delectation, something for winter’s eve, but not only! From the blurb we learn: “The report of an exceptional contemporary witness: Edith Silbermann, nee Horowitz, from Czernowitz (Bukovina), actress, reciter, translator, Germanist, publicist, mediator between German and Jewish cultural traditions, narrates her turbulent family history and reports on her youth in Czernowitz before and during WW2. One chapter of this book is dedicated to Paul Antschel (Celan), Edith Silbermann’s friend from the early Czernowitz years until his death. It was for both, Paul and Edith, the first love of their youth. […]”

It is not just a literary delectation, it’s also a listening pleasure, since this precious book comes with two audio CDs including recordings from Edith Silbermann’s sophisticated recitation program. Read, listen and enjoy! It’s a special publication for Czernowitz lovers!


Prof. Petro Rychlo Received the Georg Dehio Cultural Award



Christel Wollmann-Fiedler
Berlin, 24. September 2015
Georg Dehio-Kulturpreis 2015  an Professor Dr. Petro  Rychlo aus Czernowitz

Das moderne helle Atrium der Deutschen Bank in einem Altbau Unter den Linden in Berlin-Mitte ist eine schöne Umgebung für das wichtige Fest, für die Georg Dehio-Kulturpreisveleihung des Jahres 2015. Eine künstlerische Collage des Czernowitzer Jugendstilbahnhofs in Großformat  steht  auf dem Podium und ist von weitem zu erkennen. Der Kulturpreis geht schließlich an einen aus Czernowitz kommenden, einen in vielen Ländern bekannten und hochgeschätzten  Literaturprofessor der Jurij Fedkowitsch Universität, Herrn Dr. Petro Rychlo. Den Nebenpreis erhält das tschechische Filmprojekt „Alois Nebel“,  des  Regisseurs Tomas Lunak , des Grafikers Jaromir 99 und des Autors Jaroslav Rudis. Martin Becker, der Journalist und Schriftsteller, hält die gekonnte ideenreiche Laudatio.

Das Deutsche Kulturforum östliches Europa in Potsdam hat zu dem Abend eingeladen und  vergibt den honorigen Preis. Continue reading