Volunteers at the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery in 2008

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On behalf of Joanna Liss: “This is a photo of the original group that worked in the cemetery in 2008, organized by Mimi Taylor and Christian Hermann. I’m the one in the black and white Escher t-shirt. The reason I am posting it now is because a few days ago I met up with Clare Fester, the redheaded woman next to me, in Boston. We hadn’t seen each other since the project. Clare is Australian. She became interested in learning Yiddish after we had the wonderful opportunity to attend a part of the Yiddish conference in Czernowitz while we were there. It was on the 100th anniversary of the original Czernowitz Yiddish conference in 1908.

Since then, Clare has become proficient in Yiddish, created her own major in Yiddish studies, has studied in Belarus and Lithuania, and also at the Yiddish Book Center in Massachusetts. She works for a Jewish organization that organizes Yiddish culture trips. She was in Boston attending a Jewish culture conference (and then meeting her mom and sister in New York, where they plan to visit Ellis Island, see Fiddler on the Roof, etc.).

What makes this all the more remarkable is that Clare isn’t Jewish, nor were any of the other participants in the group, other than me. One of the other group members, Katharina from Germany, wound up doing her thesis on Czernowitz. Another, Sophie from France, has worked for the UN. I am proud to have been a part of this remarkable and diverse group, and so glad that the cemetery project continues on.”


The Soviet Times Are Over…

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…at least in Czernowitz after the fall 2015 renaming of streets,  as per Marc Goldberger’s listing:

Soviet period – Ukrainian period
Return back to historical names of streets and lanes:
1. Khalturina Stepana  vulitsya – Kobrinskoy Natalii vulitsya;
2. Khalturina Stepana provulok – Kobrinskoy Natalii provulok;
3. Shterna Manfreda vulitsya –  Bankova vulitsya;
4. Stefyuka Eugena vulitsya – Fizkulturna vulitsya:
5. Novorossiyskaya vulitsya – Aradska vulitsya;
6. Gavrilyuka Vladimira vulitsya – Shpitalna provulok:
7. Anri Barybusa vulitsya – Synagogue vulitsya:

Rename streets and lanes:
1. Babushkina Ivana vulitsya – Bessarabska vulitsya ;
2. Blagoeva Dmitra  vulitsya –  Mazepa Ivana vulitsya;
3. Blagoeva Dmitra provulok – Mazepa Ivana provulok;
4. Galitskogo Semena  vulitsya – Galitskogo Danila  vulitsya;
5. Galitskogo Semena 1 provulok  – Galitskogo Danila 1 provulok;
6. Galitskogo Semena 2 provulok  – Galitskogo Danila 2 provulok;
7. Galitskogo Semena 1 zavulok – Galitskogo Danila 1 zavulok;
8. Galitskogo Semena 2 zavulok  – Galitskogo Danila 2 zavulok;
9. Galitskogo Semena 3 zavulok  – Galitskogo Danila 3 zavulok;
10. Galitskogo Semena 4 zavulok  – Galitskogo Danila 4 zavulok;
11. Jambula Dzhabayeva vulitsya – Chubinskogo Pavla vulitsya;
12. Dimitrova Georgiya vulitsya – Okunevskoy Sofii vulitsya;
13. Dundicha Aleko vulitsya – Lemkivska vulitsya;
14. Lazo Sergeiya vulitsya – Boykivska vulitsya ;
15. Libknekhta Karla vulitsya – Mikuli Karolya vulitsya;
16. Luxemburg Rozi vulitsya – Dudycha Ivana vulitsya;
17. Parkhomenka Aleksandra vulitsya – Bukshovanogo Osipa vulitsya;
18. Parkhomenka Aleksandra 1 provulok – Bukshovanoho Osipa 1 provulok;
19. Parkhomenka Aleksandra 2 provulok – Bukshovanoho Osipa 2 provulok;
20. Parkhomenka Aleksandra 3 provulok- Bukshovanoho Osipa 3 provulok;
21. Fabritsiusa Yana vulitsya – Siretska vulitsya ;
22. Fabritsiusa Yana provulok – Siretska provulok;
23. Gaidara Arkadiya vulitsya – Orlika Pilipa vulitsya;
24. Khotinskikh Komsomoltsiv vulitsya –  Tomashchuka Kostyantina vulitsya;
25. Chervonoflotska vulitsya – Spaska vulitsya;
26. Artema vulitsya – Krivonosa Maksima vulitsya;
27. Voroshilovgradska vulitsya – Stusa Vasilya vulitsya;
28. Voroshilovgradskiy provulok – Stusa Vasilya provulok;
29. Ketskhoveli Lado vulitsya – Guramishvili Davida vulitsya;
30. Kirovogradska vulitsya – Vyshyvanogo Vasilya vulitsya;
31. Toreza Morisa vulitsya – Yaroslava Mudrogo vulitsya ;
32. Toreza Morisa 1 provulok – Yaroslava Mudrogo 1provulok;
33. Toreza Morisa 2 provulok – Yaroslava Mudrogo 2 provulok;
34. Toreza Morisa 3 provulok – Yaroslava Mudrogo 3 provulok;
35. Krasina Leonida vulitsya – Hetmana Doroshenka vulitsya;
36. Krasina Leonida provulok – Hetmana Doroshenka provulok;
37. Petrovskogo Grigoriya vulitsya –  Mikhnovskogo Mikoly vulitsya;
38. Tsulukidze Aleksandra vulitsya –  Lypkovskoy Lydii vulitsya;
39. Kovalchuka Mikoly vulitsya – Yasska vulitsya;
40. Kuznetsova Mikoly vulitsya – Kryzhanivskogo Bohdana vulitsya;
41. Kuznetsova Mikoly provulok – Kuznetsova Mikoly provulok;
42. Moskovska vulitsya – Ivana Severina vulitsya;
43. Alekseeva Petra vulitsya – Yanushevych Ganny vulitsya;
44. Polyanskogo Anatoliya vulitsya – Frantsoza Karla Emilya vulitsya;
45. Polyanskogo Anatoliya provulok – Frantsoza Karla Emilya provulok;
46. ​​Kanyuka Sergiya vulitsya – Kanyuka Zinovy vulitsya;
47. Chervonoarmiiska vulitsya – Heroev Maydana vulitsya;
48. Lomonosov vulitsya  – Petrovicha von Yakoba;
49. 26 Bakinskikh Komisariv – Mizunskoho Yuriya;