1938 Maccabi Football Club?

From Gabriele Weissmann…

I found this [among] my uncle’s photos. I wonder if anybody recognizes a person. Also, in the background, a building which looks solid enough to have survived the war. Maybe it still stands. I believe it is a Maccabi football team. On the back of the photo is says only “Czernowitz 1938″.

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Three Schools in Czernowitz – Three Class Photos


Aron Pumnul Gymnasium in Czernowitz, Class VI B, Academic Year 1937-1938


Comenius Private School in Czernowitz, Class IV, Academic Year 1936-1937
All students were Jewish; at the left director Eusebiu Jemna, at the right form-master Isidor Mehler.


Gheorghe Tofan Elementary School in Czernowitz; in the middle director Eusebiu Jemna and a young student teacher.

Source: Mircea Jemna Collection at Memoria.ro


Lyceum Mihai Eminescu

From Gaby Rinzler:

In the center is Professor Goraj,director and co-owner of the private lyceum Mihai Eminescu.


It looks like a graduating class (because of the glasses in their hands)
It is probably 1939-40. I can’t remember how I got in this picture. I am the obviouly younger kid with the open mouth. Many of the boys look very familiar to me but I cannot afix names to them. The big head on the right lower corner may be a cousine of mine Arno Rosenwald..

[I wish to see] if any body recognizes somebody?



Who Knew Hermann Schimmer?

From Corinne Schimmer:
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Corinne is trying to find anyone who knew her father, Hermann Schimmer, from Czernowitz.

The first photo, front and back were taken in Gimmaziul Mirou Costiu (?) in 1936/37. Corinne says: ” My dad wrote the names on the back: he is in the third row [5th from the left]“.

The second photo is of Class 1935 My dad is second from the right in the front row:

The last photo is of my grandmother born Eva Hilsenrathe. It would be great if anyone could remember a name or anything!

Corinne Schimmer,
Caen, France