WW 1 – My Grandfather

From Gabriele Weissemann

This is a photo of my grand-father reading the “Tagespost” – Der Vormarsch gegen Rußland” (Daily Post – Offensive against Russia).

He too, did his military service in Austria, somewhere near the Brenner Pass, and he was able to bring his wife and two children to stay for a period, close to him, in a peasant’s home.


Mogilev Podolsky Documents & Photos

From Sylvie Gsell…

I saw these documents from Ethel Stern, good friend of my mother’s cousin.

Ethel was deported at the age of 7 years in Mogilev Podolsky as much of my mother’s family.

She had prepared documents for me:
– The pass of her future husband to go to work at the plant Turnatoria Jagendorf
– A picture of a theater show organized deportees orphans
– A photograph of the deportees Mogilev Podolski

When MP was liberated, my family ( my grand father Riwen Reicher, my aunt Luca Reicher, my great uncle dr Fabian Stern, his wife Lana and his daughter Gaby , Ethel and her parents) were living in Cz one year before coming home in Radautz.

This is all I know. Perhaps List members can say more.






Family photos from Leah Snider

These photos accompany a post in the Czernowitz-L discussion group.  Leah’s questions about these family pictures can be found there.


Adolph with Kurt,Berta & HansB

Adolph with Kurt,Berta & Hans

Isak & Ernestine Heilpern photo cardB

Isak & Ernestine Heilpern photo card

Isak, Ernestine, Alfred, Gisela & Rudolf HeilpernB

Isak, Ernestine, Alfred, Gisela & Rudolf Heilpern (above)