Pre WWI photos from Czernowitz Staatsgymnasium (via Ann Perry)

Dear Czernowitzers,

Ann Perry, a new list member from Ireland, would like to share these photos with you.  Below is a note she wrote with more details.

Bruce Reisch

“Back in March of this year I  was clearing out a room in my parents’ house in Gloucestershire, England. This room had long been used as a storage room/oubliette and was crammed with old stuff accumulated over decades. Here I found an old suitcase which my father must have brought from my grandparents house after they died in the ’70s. The case was full of family photographs and curiously, two large photos from pre WW1 Czernovitz. One photograph is a ‘graduation ‘ montage  made up of individual, miniature photos of the students and teachers from a class at the Czernovitz Staatsgymnasium in 1911, with names under each miniature. The other photograph is of most of the same bunch of students and teachers takenCzernowitzGymnasiumclassphoto002 CzernowitzGymnasiumclassphoto004
a few years earlier. I have no idea how these photographs came to be in my grand-parents possession.  Research into my family background has not yet revealed any  Czernovitz conection.
I’ve joined the list because I want to share these photographs from pre-1st World War Czernowitz. My knowledge of european history isn’t great so I hadn’t heard of Czernowitz before finding these pictures. As I might have said already, as far as I know, my father’s family were from generations of modest, rural, english, (mostly) working class people centred around Staffordshire and Gloucestershire in England. I have no reason to suppose that any of my ancestors were educated at the Czernowitz Staatgymnasium!  A mystery then. Nevertheless, on seeing these images for the 1st time, I felt compelled to find out more about Czernowitz, the history of the time and the appalling horror of what came later. There is a name (and address in Vienna) stamped on the back of the group photograph, of a man who graduated from the Czernowitz Gymnasim in 1912. From this and various database sites I have managed to trace this man’s daughter who came to England as a refugee with the ‘Kindertransport’ programme sometime in the late 1930s and who is now living in North West London. With the help of the Association of Jewish Refugees, the original photographs will be returned to her shortly. Meanwhile, I think that these photographs could be of interest to Czernovitzers everywhere. So, here they are………………………Best wishes to all, Ann Perry,  Ireland.”

Czernowitz Imperial-Royal I. State Gymnasium Graduates 1911/1912 as per

1.Staatsgymnasium_1910-11_8.A_KlasseAdditional list of students for class pictured above, generously supplied by Irene Fishler!



Rohatyn and Bukovina Memorials at the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv


Marla Raucher Osborn at the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv, with Rohatyners standing before the Rohatyn Memorial to the victims of the Shoah

Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio broadcast on “Ukrainian Jewish Heritage – Rohatyn”



Bukovina Holocaust Memorial at the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv

JEWISH GALICIA & BUKOVINA: Galicia and Bukovina were major Jewish centers as far back as the 13th Century and were home to over one million Jews, with unique cultural characteristics and a vibrant intellectual and spiritual life. These regions produced prominent Jewish thinkers, rabbis and Hassidic courts, who created influential texts and institutions that have had a long-lasting impact on the Jewish world. The Torah scholars and Jewish intellectuals of Galicia and Bukovina were known for their tolerance and openness towards modernity, while being firmly rooted in Jewish tradition and learning. This thriving Jewish world was wiped out in the Holocaust.


Lyceum Mihai Eminescu

From Gaby Rinzler:

In the center is Professor Goraj,director and co-owner of the private lyceum Mihai Eminescu.


It looks like a graduating class (because of the glasses in their hands)
It is probably 1939-40. I can’t remember how I got in this picture. I am the obviouly younger kid with the open mouth. Many of the boys look very familiar to me but I cannot afix names to them. The big head on the right lower corner may be a cousine of mine Arno Rosenwald..

[I wish to see] if any body recognizes somebody?



More on Movie “In Sarmatien”

From Gabriele Weissmann

Dear all,
Last week Volker Koepp invited us to the Berlin premiere of his new
movie “In Sarmatien” which took place in the Akademie der Künste. We
were very impressed. It is a superb documentary.
The many facets of the film are overwhelming. Its humane approach, its
references to history, to the past of peoples and the ensuing destinies,
should be a must-see for the contemporary generation and the educational
system world-wide.

It so happened that the premiere fell on a day when the events in Crimea
and the Ukraine were hot and moving fast.In the film,
Koepp interviews persons from Moldavia(Kisinau)Bielorus (Grodno)
Ukraine (Czernowitz),Lithuania, Kaliningrad (Königsberg) : and
everywhere the persons talk about their dreams for a better life, the
economical and political problems of the present situation,
and some, of their fears of a Russian takeover.

Considering the current events in Eastern Europe,this film is amazing.

In the trailer shown on today’s List, next to Tanja Kloubert,we see and
hear Felix Zuckermann, the son of Frau Zuckermann from the former movie.


In the photo (click to enlarge), you will see Volker Koepp first on the left, my
husband and myself, and on my right,Fritz Hartthaler, the producer of
many Koepp documentaries, which are acclaimed all over the world.)

Not in the picture is Thomas Plennert, the outstanding cameraman, who
contributed to Koepp’s films for many many years. His masterly hand
at rendering landscapes as breathtakingly live paintings, and showing
people’s faces in their truthful, natural expression enriched Koepp’s
movies to make them cineastic works of art.

Koepp has a very personal way of asking and getting answers, of looking
intensely for people and places, thus painting a very complex picture of
his documentaries. Koepp genuinely likes people and their stories,
is interested in them, and he gets a most rewarding feed-back.

Have just heard today that the DVD will be on sale as from September
2014 (www.salzgeber.de/info@salzgeber.de).

Ten years ago, on the occasion of my husband’s 60th birthday party,
my husband finished his speech with this message:

” – We try to find answers to the questions of the present: All of us!
– We try to decipher the mysteries the future holds in store for us: All
of us!
– Only occasionally we remember that we are made of the dough of the
past. All of us!