Joseph Schmidt- 110 birth anniversary in Berlin

From Hedwig Brenner:

Hi, I got this poster about Josef Schmidt and Czernowitz.from  Leonid Flyderman,  born in Czernowitz and a researcher about Josef Schmidt. He presented his research also last year in Vienna.. May be some members of the list will be at this time in Berlin, I am sorry, I could not be there, I will be, I hope, 3 to 10 November, to present my new book, the 5.Volume of the Lexicon”Jewish Women in Visual Arts” in some galleries and the Bauhaus.
Hatima Tova



Sidi and Falik

Czernowitz going Hollywood.
Stars of fame for Sidi Tal and her husband Falik Pinkus.  On top of the circles are the first names and on the bottom are the last. Looks like those stars are in front of the Philharmonic Hall (across from my childhood home)  Sidi and Falik look just like I remember them. Only the stars are there, the pictures are for illustration  purposes only.
Anna Kofner