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The purpose of this Blog is to give voice to those topics and materials that need more timely exposure than waiting for the webmaster to post them on the Ehpes Website. Also, it allows for members to do their own posting by themselves (or with help). You can post photos, music, short videos, links – almost anything, provided it has at least some connection to Jewish Bukovina: language customs, genealogy, history, folklore, etc. — in other words, our common heritage and pursuits.

Here’s what you have to do to post:

1. You must be a member of the Czernowitz-L Discussion Group.

2. You have to register. All you have to do is send an email to <admin@ehpes.com>. In the subject line put: ‘register’; in the text put your log-in name (the name you wish be identified by when you post); then put in a ‘password’ you can remember. I will register your user name and password. I will need a working email address too. No-one will see this email address. If you don’t give one, I’ll use the one from the message you send.

3. When I complete your registration, the blog software will automatically confirm your registration. You have to log in to post, but not to read the blog or to comment on someone else’s post. Once you’re set up, you can post. Read the page ‘How to make your first post’. Your posts are NOT moderated, but please sign your name to them. Your email address is not necessary.

Anyone can comment, list member or not. We are continuing with comments not being moderated. But if this proves troublesome, comments will be screened for nastyness and spam. If you have a ‘link’ in your comment, it will be held for moderation, as often times the bad guys  leave comments with links in them that take you to places you don’t really want to go.

Note that there is a difference between a ‘comment’ and a ‘post’. A comment adds information relating to an existing post and appears underneath. It does not start a new topic or thread. A post generally presents a new topic or a significant departure from existing posts. You have to be registered and logged in in order to create a new post.

Logging in: Notice, when you’re on the Home page of the Blog there is a ‘sidebar’ (menu). Right after the Archives, there’s a section called ‘Meta’.  One of the options is ‘Log in’. Click on that and you will see a screen will ask you for your log in name and password. Fill it in and click on ‘Log in’.

The address (URL) of the blog is: http://ehpes.com/blog1

Your administrators are Edgar, Jerome, Bruce. We’re hoping that after you get used to things that everything will run without administrator intervention. You can contact Jerome at <admin@ehpes.com> if you’re having difficulty.

Of course, suggestions for improvement are always welcome. If you have questions or comments, you can reply below.


3 thoughts on “Purpose & Registration

  1. Buongiorno.
    Stò cercando informazioni su un aviere austro ungarico nato a Czernovicz, Wladimir Junovicz nel 1880 o 1874.
    Uno dei genitori forse era Mila Junovicz. Ha fatto la kadettenschule in questa città.
    Era maggiore.
    Grazie se avete delle informazioni.

  2. My regards to orphanage organization
    I have query
    I want to volunteer myself for the orphanage
    Please let me know how can I help the orphanage
    I want take a step ahead towards humanity
    Yours faithfully

  3. Fiorella Bassan and myself work on a scientific research on Dr. Ernst Paul Hoffmann (Radauz, 1891 – Basel, 1944) with the puropose of a publication (2016). We now realize that some information could be fine in Romania. Through your blog we already find information on Hoffmann from records Gymnasium in Czernowitz.
    We will be very interested to get in touch with a person from your organisation who will be ready to help us to prepare a field of research to do in Romania.

    We remain at your disposal for any further information you might want to ask regarding ourselves and our research..
    You will find a short resume of our research

    Best reards

    Thierry Rozenblum

    This eminent psychoanalyst, a student of Freud’s, came to Belgium in March 1938 to give a series of conferences and was surprised there by the Anschluss. Thus, a chaotic page of his life begins, that we are trying to precisely reconstruct. Thanks to the consultation of records of the immigration authorities (Brussels), the Department of War Victims (Brussels), the Swiss Federal Archives (Berne) and private archives (Brussels), we were already able to write a short biography but unclear points remain, and that is why we need your help to consult records relating to Dr. Ernst Paul Hoffmann and his family in Romania.

    Our study has a double perspective: we think it can raise interest both for the historical reconstruction of the war period in Belgium and for the contribution to the history of psychoanalysis. Indeed, Dr. Hoffmann was the one, during his short stay in Belgium, who officially introduced psychoanalysis into the kingdom.

    Summarizing, we would be very interested in finding anything that is related to Dr. Ernst Paul Hoffmann and his family. Any information or documentation on Dr. Hoffmann would be precious to us.

    We remain at your disposal for any further information you might want to ask regarding ourselves and our research.

    best greetings.

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