Marriage Register Entry Help

From Jean Weightman
The document is a copy of the Marriage Register Entry for my grandparents Rubin Singer and Cippe Sonnenschein.

I am trying to find any additional information about Rubin’s parents Hersch Ohling and Bruche Singer.

Column one has a few words between Hersch Ohling and Czernowitz that I do not understand but may explain Bruche’s position.

Also, there are three items in the Anmerkung column. I would be grateful if these could be translated.

I believe the note in Romanian across two columns explains that in 1927 Rubin changed his surname legally to Oling. If this note contains additional information, again I would be grateful for a translation.

I hope additional information from this and other documents will eventually help to clarify where Hersch and Bruche were born and when Hersch died.

Best wishes to all

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