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Palestine Maritime Lloyd Ltd. Haifa

The Har Zion could take 110 passengers.
(Israel’s National Maritime Museum)
The boat was sunk in 1940.

Ferry boat brings Har Zion passengers into Tel Aviv port.
The ship is identified in the caption as a “Jewish Agency ship”.

Har Zion passengers arrive in Tel Aviv.

http://www.israeldailypicture.com/: The Har Zion (built in 1907) and its sister ship Har Carmel were owned by the Palestine Maritime Lloyd shipping company, formed in 1934. The company and its ships were Jewish owned and operated under these principles:

1) Management according to business and professional basis.
2) Company to involve itself in the process of the building of the country
3) Company must be owned by Jewish interests
4) Ships will be under “Hebrew” flag
5) Crews will be Jewish
6) Ships will be supplied by local products

The Har Zion was mobilized by the British navy at the outbreak of World War II. In August 1940, on a voyage between England and Nova Scotia it was sunk by a German U-boat. Thirty-seven crewmen perished, including 17 Jews.

Association for the Assistance to Bukovina Jews

Yearbook of “George Barițiu” Institute of History in Cluj-Napoca for the year 2007: “The Repatriation of the Deportated Jews from Transnistria and the Question of Their Integration in the Postwar Romania” by Peter Weber, Szeged University.

National Archives of Romania: Colecţia de Documente ale Comunităţii Evreieşti din România (inv. no. 3001) for the years 1818 – 1959.

Transnistria Card

Posted for Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker:

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From: Rabbi Tal Zwecker [mailto:tal.zwecker@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2012 12:53 AM
To: Irene Fishler
Cc: romers@shaw.ca
Subject: Re: [Cz-L] What to do with Transistria Documents?

Hi Jerome can you please add this to Ehpes? and mail the link to the
Czernowitz list so others can share,

It is my grandmother’s Transitria Card
I will send you a story to go with it soon

Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker
Bet Shemesh

From Irene Fishler
Well, Tal, this NOT a Transnistria ID-Card.
I wondered if something like this ever existed at the time of deportation.
Can you read Rumanian or French?

This is a document issued in 1947 in Bucharest by an organisation called
“Association of Former Deportees to Transnistria” -probably according to
some international agreements and sanctioned by the Rumanian Government .
This “paper” gave the repatriated people some priveleges. That’s what I

It IS a very important and interesting document, of course.
We would like to hear the story your grandma.


“Arnold Daghani. Who is he?” by Miha Ahronovitz!


Arnold Daghani. Who is he?

Arnold Daghani was born in Czernowitz, (not Suczava as other sources say) and he was a German speaking Romanian Jew. Some consider him today one of greatest artists of Europe in the 20th century. During his life, he had failure after failure.
He married his first and third wife (he called her Nanino)  Rabinovitz, in 1940. His second wife was Gabriela Miga
I met him in Bucharest around 1955. Daghani impressed me with his British look wearing  tweed jackets and smoking a pipe. I was ten at the time and he was my English tutor, the most expensive English tutor in Bucharest under the Stalin-style communist regime. I did not learn much English.  He did all the writing with clear letters, while I was watching him. I was dreaming,  me a ten year old boy, with him, a man in his forties, to escape to the Free World. He had an Airedale Terrier dog. One day, to show it to me, he walked for two hours from the other end of the city. We did not have sneakers in those days People did not have dogs in apartments. One can not even buy dog food. Human food was on coupons. So an Airedale Terrier looked very Western to me.
Continue reading the story on Miha Ahronovitz’s blog: Pictures from the Invisible

Two Czernowitzer Ladies in Bucharest!

Netka and Rachelle Peretz

Netka an Rachelle Peretz in front of th Bucharest Main Post Office.
In 1972 it became became the National Museum of History.

Alternate utilization due to parking place shortage in Bucharest.

The Czernowitzer newspaper “Der Tag” is reporting on the stylish
window display of the sporting goods store M. Gelband.

Shoah in Romania

Just received  this E mail fro a former Campulung resident now living in Israel. The Shoah of the Romanian Jews, there are some pictures of Czernowitz .     I hope somebody has the skills to translate to English from the Hebrew. It’s to complicated for my skills with Computers.

This is a PowerPoint presentation, so you will need a PowerPoint viewer to see it.

Click here shoah-romania to download

Michael Surkis