Romantic landscapes & compositions

photoThe exhibition “Romantic landscapes & compositions” of Oleg Liubkivsky, the well-known Bukovinian artist, was opened on June, 26 1998 in Chernivtsi Art Museum.

50 works of art performed in water-colours, copper-etching and combined techniques were exhibited there.

The main theme of the exhibition is a philosophic ideamuseum based on the artistic comprehension of fleeting of life & an age-long human yearning for beauty. The key aspect of this theme is the contradiction between culture and its absence within a certain historic period where the architectural being of Chernivtsi is treated by the artist both as a source of inspiration & as a routine monument to the decline of society in general.

As a genre, romantic landscape in the name of the exhibition has a double ironic sense: on one hand the tender European-like soul of the city, perfectly shown by the artist, & on the other hand the brutal remains of reality in the romantic pieces of the former “Little Vien” living their sad last days.

Over the City
Bukovinian Archbishop’s Residence on the Townscape
A Landscape with the Town-hall
Romantic Townscape, 1989 St. Nikola’s Church, 1989
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