3 thoughts on “The Temple

  1. Hedwig Brenner

    Magnifique, would say a french architect, wonderful would say an english man, unsere SS hat dieses herrliche Bauwerk vernichtet,sagen manche Deutsche, za tschem nam nujna ruini, nam nujna kinoteatr, jiviom…..sagen die Ukrainer, and the Czernowitzer remember..once upon the time we had such a temple, we were proud…Hedwig

  2. Miriam (Mimi) Taylor

    The former Tempel (not “Temple”) should be repaired by Germany and Romania, who tried to destroy the building in 1941.The city of Chernivtsi should then use the building as a convention center, or congress hall, with a small area set aside as a museum documenting the design, building and use of the building.Using this building, which was built as a synagogue, as a movie theatre is insulting to Jews all over the world, using it as a convention center, would beboth much more respectful and would also bring in the revenue necessary for its maintenance.Czernowitz was known as a cultural center and this is still the greatest asset Chernivtsi has today. Building on this heritage, Chernivtsi could become a center for cultural tourism, thereby improving not only its reputation, but also its economic wellbeing.

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