The”Austria”of Czernowitz

The “Austria” of Czernowitz, made by Karl Peckary (1848 – 1896),  a young professor at the Czernowitz State Industrial School, has been exposed on the 4th October 1875 on the occasion of the centenary celebration of the affiliation of Bukovina to the Austrian Empire and the foundation of the k. k. Franz-Josef-University. Peter Elbau has designed a superb website covering this extraordinary event for Czernowitz and the Bukovina.

In the year 1918 the new Romanian authorities removed the statue and  for nearly one hundred years it got lost. But in 2003, during canalization works below ground level of the former Industrial Museum, the beheaded “Austria” was brought into the light of the day.

The newly discovered “Austria” became a symbol for the friendship between Ukraine, Austria and Western Europe. Ten copies of the statue were manufactured and ceded to international artists for creative adaptation of the “Austria”, one of them being Bronislav Tutelman from Czernowitz.

During the year 2006 ten “Austria” replicas went on a journey through Europe and finally found their way back to Czernowitz, taking residence in the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University.

Abbé LibanskyBernadette Huber

Rosa El Hassan & Anna CsörgöBronislav Tutelman

Ilona NémethKarolina Kowalska

Matej Gavula & Milan Tittel

Anna Sidorenko