Unveiling Ceremony for Eliezer Steinbarg’s Funerary Monument on 08.10.1933

It is sad, children, in this wide giant world.It is bitter! Let’s at least enjoy a fable!

Moshe Altmann Memorial Plate on 23, Kobylanska Street (Herrengasse)

History Museum of the Romanian Jews, Bucharest

Links: Eliezer Steinbarg, Arthur Kolnik, Barbu Lazareanu, Jacob Sternberg, Moshe Altmann, Dr. Shlomo Bickel, Leib Malach

Photos: Courtesy of Edgar Hauster, Irene Fishler, Lydia Schmerler, Sergij Osatschuk, Iosif Vaisman

3 thoughts on “Unveiling Ceremony for Eliezer Steinbarg’s Funerary Monument on 08.10.1933

  1. hauster

    On behalf of Irene Fishler:

    Thank you very much, Edgar and special thanks to Iosif for the photos, taken at the funeral on March, 30th, 1932.
    I am pretty sure that I recognized my father in the crowd at the cemetery. I wonder where the photographer was positioned, in a tree?
    The description of this unconventional funeral can be read in “Der Tag” number16, of March, 31th, 1932, (page2) at:

    I’m sure that my father attended also the unveiling ceremony in October 1933. He was one of the young people from the “Schulverein” who adored Steinbarg.
    The guests from Bucharest and speakers mentioned in the article were personal friends or acquaintances of my father, who was a Yiddishist, of course.
    Yakob ( Yankev) Sternberg was director at the “Vilnaer Truppe” at the time when my uncle , the actor Yehuda Ehrenkranz, joined the company (1923-25) .

  2. hauster

    On behalf of Hedwig Brenner:

    Thanks, Irene and Edgar, Idid not know about Moshe Altman, but about Dr.Bickel, Weininger I knew, they all were friend of Vera Hacken, they translated for the “Goldene Pave”. and were friends of our friend Jakob Schayowitch…

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