1 thought on “Leny Caler, Sevilla Pastor and the Kuleshov Experiment!

  1. Weissmanns

    My husband met Leny Caler in Berlin once, in the 1980s together with some other friends, she told him that she was an actress and that she was quite happy to be here.
    She lived in Berlin until her death.
    I stopped when your new beautiful postcards collection showed the Residenz (0046ht71)
    with the mention of the address at Franzensgasse 20, for Mr. Chargaff. This was, most
    probably, Erwin Chargaff’s father. My father Edwin and Erwin were school friends and the friendship lasted a whole life, they studied in Vienna at the same time. Chargaff sent most of his books to him, and on his death wrote us a condoleances letter which I still have.

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