Rudolf Spielmann – The Chess Player of the Romantic School

Karlsbad 1907
Sitting left-to-right: Rubinstein, Marco, Fähndrich, Tschigorin, Schlechter, Hoffer, Tietz, Maroczy, Janowski, Neustadtl, Drobny, Marshall.
Standing left-to-right: Nimzowitsch, Wolf, Mieses, E. Crohn, P. Johner, Leonhardt, Salwe, Vidmar, Berger, Spielmann, Dus Chotimirski, Tartakower, Olland.

3 thoughts on “Rudolf Spielmann – The Chess Player of the Romantic School

  1. Berti Glaubach

    Nice for Spielmann to have foreseen the chess versus bridge alternative for a certain part of the population already in 1934. When I look arround, inclusive mirror, all the have been chess players from yesterday have given it up for the more popular, social and of course easier bridge. But you can immediately remark the ease they learn the game and the progress they make in comparison to non ex chess players.
    I was only4 years old when Sptelmann visited Cz. Hope to read about the results of his simutanious games soon from Der Tag. Please Edgar talk to the editor and make him give as many details as possible.

  2. Irene Fishler

    Great discoveries : the 1907 Karlsbad -picture ( aus der guten alten Zeit) and the Pudovkin movie from 1925 !
    Bravo, Edgar!

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