2 thoughts on “Hotel Central – Rise and Fall of a Hotel in Czernowitz

  1. Yvonne Hirdman

    I would like to share with you fotos from Bukowina – my grandparents lived i Czernowitz from 1912-1914 and then in Raduatz until 1932 –
    I have written about them in a book, which has been translated into german:
    Meine Mutter, die Gräfin – Insel Verlag 2011

  2. edgarhauster Post author

    Dear Yvonne…

    I’m delighted with your comment at our Ehpes.com Blog. The purpose of this Blog is to give voice to those topics that are generally considered off-topic on the Czernowitz-L Discussion Group:


    I’m confident, that our more than 400 Czernowitzers – incl. Radautzers – will love to learn much more about you, your much-discussed book and the photos you may share with us. Personally, I’m considering the book review made by Deutschlandradio Kultur, dated 13.02.2012, being very informative:


    In addition I’d like to draw your attention to my following Bukovina related websites:


    I think you are going to discover some analogies to your own biography. BTW, do you speak/read German? Additionally, I’m encouraging you to join the Czernowitz-L Discussion Group, owned and moderated by my friend, Prof. Bruce Reisch, Cornell University. I think that’s the right place for you to be. We do have Swedish members as well, as for instance Wolf A. Terner from Stockholm:


    Warmest wishes for now and I’m looking forward to reading from you soon.

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