Café Vienna in Czernowitz – Opening in May 1934

Herrengasse, seventy-eight years ago today: Str. Iancu Flondor!

Berti Glaubach: By chance saw this announcement of the foto atellier that was before the opening of Cafe Vienna and is mentioned in the German article. I think it was in Cornel’s collection.

Herrengasse, ten years ago today, in May 2002: Not yet a pedestrian area!

Three doctors at Wiener Café, one year ago today, in May 2011:
Dr. Cornel Fleming, Dr. Josef Bursuk, Dr. Harry Jarvis

See you at Wiener Café – Cofetaria Vieneza – Віденська кав’ярня!

5 thoughts on “Café Vienna in Czernowitz – Opening in May 1934

  1. Dr Cornel Fleming

    This picture convinced me that I urgently neede to lose some of my diameter!!

  2. edgarhauster Post author

    So do I, Cornel, therefore I stood behind the camera, but Wiener Café is not the right place to start with!

  3. Irene Fishler

    I liked the advertising : “last not least “… and the new orthography of the word “Czernowitzer” – in May 1934 it became “Cernautiern” !?

    More important – we too sat at those tables in May 2011 ! Very chic, indeed!

  4. Yehudtih Yerushalmi-Terris (Kinsbruner-Engelberg)

    We sat thereand drank a Coffe and ate Shtoudl’ in 2006 and felt the History!

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