Czernowitz by Request: Judengasse – Steingasse – Herrengasse

Judengasse – Starada Evreiască – Вулиця Шолом-Алейхема: No. 21



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Steingasse – Strada Pietrei – Strada O. Josif – Vul Pereyaslavs’ka: No. 12



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Herrengasse – Strada Iancu Flondor – Вулиця Кобилянської: No. 10



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8 thoughts on “Czernowitz by Request: Judengasse – Steingasse – Herrengasse

  1. Hedwig Brenner

    Thanks, Edgar, for the opportunity, to see my balcony, opposite Cafe Europe, on which I stood as a little girl to look on the “Promenade” O saw Ninon Auslaender_/Hesse, with her sister, both very tall, blond, elegant youg ladies with theire dog, a white “Windhund” and everyone, men or women, turned the head after them. The Promenade was for me all the 12 years like a very interessanr movie, the officers in uniform, the boys and girls, pupils but without uniform, it as forbidden from schools and the jewish studants of the Hasmonaea with lila , the Hebronia with green and the Heatid with creme caps, there were also the roumanian students from Junimea, german students from Alemania…They went up and down several times, telling”I kiss hand, nice lady”. The Herrengasse was the most crowded street, and the men took up their hats to salute, and if somebody cried “Guten Tag, Herr Doktor” (Good day mister doctor) hundreds men turned their head, because every second man has this title…once upon the time…On our balcony we stayed every evening to listen the music fron Cafe Europe…I am glad and happy for these pictures….it is an old proverb???
    “Die schoenen Stunden der Jugend sind ein weiches Lager fuer das Alter…(The beautiful hours in the youth are a soft bed for the older years…)Hedwig

  2. Weissmanns

    Bless you Hedwig, with your wonderful memory. You are an encyclopedia. It’s your love of people, your curiosity and wide-spread interests which made you the person you are. No wonder that you bloomed out later in life, since the names, the faces and facts have stayed with you all your life. And you loved your memories.

  3. Anny Schäfer Chemla

    Dear Edgar, you are just wonderfull, thanks for the pictures of the houses where my parents lived, for me its a present.
    All the best, Anny

  4. Simon Kreindler

    Dear Edgar:
    What a wonderful help you are. This is truly mitzvah work.
    Thanks and best regards,

  5. Martha Davis

    Your wonderful journey brings back memories I have long forgotten. Thank You.

  6. Anny Matar

    Edgar dearest, Wonderful pictures. A part of the Herrengsse as elegant as I remember it, no precinct then but so little traffic, it was just the same. Hedwig lived there I only “Prominierte” up and down, elegant people, men wearing hats and when greeting ladies lifted them, we, chidlren said Kuess die Hand (kiss your hand) and knickst (reverance) – I did this till age 11 – after that I just said Kuess die Hand.
    On the second picture the same Herrengasse but the “Butke”?? in the middle of such elegance?? Anyway, as always you keep the city, houses, people alive!!

  7. Miriam (Mimi) Taylor

    Thank you Edgar for the beautiful photographs.
    Die Herrengasse is now very elegant. If I remember correctly, it was previously, mostly a shopping street, with one major cinema, the Scala. Now it is mostly lined with restaurants and cafes, many of them having outdoor seating under an awning.
    (No “Budkes”)
    People still promenade, or sit on the benches and tourists walk up and down to see the sights.

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