Palestine Maritime Lloyd Ltd. Haifa

The Har Zion could take 110 passengers.
(Israel’s National Maritime Museum)
The boat was sunk in 1940.

Ferry boat brings Har Zion passengers into Tel Aviv port.
The ship is identified in the caption as a “Jewish Agency ship”.

Har Zion passengers arrive in Tel Aviv. The Har Zion (built in 1907) and its sister ship Har Carmel were owned by the Palestine Maritime Lloyd shipping company, formed in 1934. The company and its ships were Jewish owned and operated under these principles:

1) Management according to business and professional basis.
2) Company to involve itself in the process of the building of the country
3) Company must be owned by Jewish interests
4) Ships will be under “Hebrew” flag
5) Crews will be Jewish
6) Ships will be supplied by local products

The Har Zion was mobilized by the British navy at the outbreak of World War II. In August 1940, on a voyage between England and Nova Scotia it was sunk by a German U-boat. Thirty-seven crewmen perished, including 17 Jews.