4 thoughts on “The Abeles – Weiner Family

  1. Edgar Hauster Post author

    Claudia D. wrote: “How incredibly thoughtful of you! It is very touching to now be able to put some faces with what previously were “just” anonymous names. I, as announced, read Sidi Kassner´s report, a very touching and bone-chilling portrait of what were humanly unconceivable times! It is indeed very exiting that you get to meet Ruth Wekstein in July, you must promise to tell me about it!”

  2. Irene Fishler

    Very touching, indeed.
    We are happy to know that Alma survived !
    What happened to the other persons?
    Is the writer of the desperate postcard the same Alma from the wedding picture?
    I have 2 very similar wedding pictures in our family – from the early 1920s.

    1. Edgar Hauster Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Concerning “The Abeles – Weiner Family” I’m looking forward to learning more details from Ruth Wekstein (Weiner), Alma’s youngest daughter, during her upcoming visit to Düsseldorf in July 2013 and yes, it’s Alma, the writer of the postcard, on the wedding photo.

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