2 thoughts on “Zastavna Holocaust List

  1. Dana Dimitriu

    Hello Jerome, what were the search criteria which resulted in this list of names?
    I am asking because there are a few pages of testimony at Yad Vashem for relatives of mine who were born in Zastavna and died in Transnistria – but they are not on this list.
    The central names DB at Yad Vashem gives me 280 entries for place of birth “Zastavna” (soundex) and over 1000 hits for place of death “Transnistria”
    I think different search criteria and different spellings will produce quite different results – and this is just the DB of names – and there are other resources out there – lists of names et.al. – some of them in Hebrew only (frustrating for me as I do not speak / read it 🙁 )
    Wil be glad to contribute to an overall list or activity in this sense with the little I can.
    Thank you.
    All the best,

  2. jerome

    Dana… I’m ashamed to admit that I simply do not remember what I used exactly for the search term. Something sticks in my mind about ‘zastavna holocaust’ as I was looking not for Transnistria deaths, but for information as to what exactly hapend in 1941 in Zastavna.

    I do believe you are correct about slightly differing search terms bringing up very different results. I have very little experience searching Yad va Shem, and also, like yourself, I cannot read Hebrew.


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