Views on Czernowitz – Views from Chernivtsi


Marion Tauschwitz: “…following traces of Selma’s life I try to breathe as much Czernowitz atmosphere as possible. So yesterday I went to an interesting exhibition: Ansichten of Czernowitz. Young people have started to discover Czernowitz and to claim the town as their heritage: ancient views caught by young people who discover Czernowitz’ history and start being proud of what has been created in Czernowitz. The project started in spring and summer 2013 initiated by “Zentrum Gedankendach” by Oxana Matijchuk, the forum of architectures of Lübeck and the Oead Cooperation Centre of Lemberg. A Jury chose the 16 best motives and they were printed as postcards. The idea is to send the postcards to people all over the world and so transport the spirit of Czernowitz into the world. “Zentrum Gedankendach” and a local journalist documentated the opening exhibition and took interviews and they want to try to offer the film to a German TV station . They asked what I thought about the project – I told them that I am fascinated by the idea and that I think it is time for young people to start to cope with the history of their town. To discover the wealth of the culture that was created by Czernowitzers – especially by the Jewish population. to follow the tragic traces,too. These traces can be found all over the town. Each stones has its story, each “Kanaldeckel” can tell about history. Today I went along former Bischof Hackmen Gasse and discovered “Kanaldeckel” – from Vienna, Rumanian and Sowjet times – lined up in one row. Lined up history….”