1 thought on “Reconquest of Czernowitz, 6th August 1917

  1. Hedwig Brenner

    dear Edgar, I can not see the picture, but I am not sure on the date, may it is not in 1917…I know that my grandfather left Czernowitz with the staff of the bank, but my grandmother remained there and was under russian occupation some months, they occupied 3 rooms of her appartment..she must cook for some officers, she was afraid, because her both sons were officers in the austrian army… they retrated, butreturned a second time I donot know, when it was..but she went to Vienna, to join her husband.. I know that my uncle Rudy was sent with his battaillon to the Ukraine, to Kiev, to fight against the russian army in 1917 ..( there he met his russian-jewish wife, who after the revolutian went with her family to Geneva, and my uncle went there after the end of the war and married her) But wyh I see only a black imagine???Hedwig

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