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Inf. Reg. Erzherzog Eugen

From Cornel Fleming:

For those interested in such things…..this is the 41St  Infanterie Regiment “Erzherzog Eugen”.    “Unser Regiment” to the Czernowitzer Jews,and this is what they would have looked like in 1913.        Cornel

5 WWI photos from Hedwig Brenner

The 2 brothers of my mother, Rudolf and Emil Fuerstein. Handwritten by Rudolf: For remembering on our accidental meeting in Laibach, the 21.4 .17, your faithful brother Rudi. (was already lawyer Emil was 10 years younger, at 18 he went as volunteer, called an Einjaehrig-Freiwilliger)

WW1 Before going to the battle: In the second row, in the middle, with some blackbook? in the hand, is my mother’s cousin Dr. Norbert Gross, from Czernowitz.

Emil Feuerstein with other soldiers. Standing (back row), the first of right is my 18-year-old uncle.

Reverse side of photo above: *Note — if you can translate the cursive script on this card, please do so and leave it as a comment for this post. I will then add it to the caption text –jerome
Here’s the translation from Hedwig:
Translation :
One-year-volonteer Feuerstein Emil 41.I.R.7/27 11.K.
Dr.Josef Miseles LAi J.R.No.41
6 one-year-volonteers of 11/27 M ch, who are leaving to-day at 1 ocl. noon for the war school.
On the bench are sitting the mister officers of the 2/27 41 I r i
For friendly remembrace yor faithful son, Miliu

Uncle Rudi (Rudolf Feuerstein) wounded, has a little story: When he was going to war, my grandmother put around his neck a small medallion on a golden chain, as a talisman. In the battle the chain was broken, so he put the medallion in the left pocket of the uniform. Suddenly came a bullet straight to his heart, burned a hole in the uniform and was stopped by the medallion. But an other bullet made a deep wound in his leg, so he was in the field-hospital. The commander gave him the uniform as a remembrance.