The Hedwig Brenner Event…

From Irene Fishler – March 1, 2012

Dear friends,
Here is a first picture of Hedwig with her Order of Merit received today in
A noisy group of Czernowitzers / Bukovinaers was  happy to celebrate
together with Hedwig.

Irene Fishler

Hedwig Brenner shows the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany March 1, 2012

Invitation to the Event

3 thoughts on “The Hedwig Brenner Event…

  1. Irene Fishler

    Well, it was not easy to take this shot. Every one wanted it.

    Tens of flashes went on.
    Hedy looked at us and said: ” You all behave like Paparazzi !”

    Thanks, Jerome, for posting it.

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