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Dr. Markus Krämer, Another Notable Czernowitzer

Dr.Markus Kraemer
Dr. Markus Krämer (27.10.1887 – 02.06.1964), President of the Local Commitee of the General Zionists, lawyer, local council, Deputy Party Chairman of the Jewish Party for the Bukovina, member of the student’s corporation J.N.A.V. Zephirah in Czernowitz:

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1938, row by row, from left to right: Prof. Baruch Schuller, Adv. Iosef Brender, Hans Blutstein, Dr. Ad. Kliegler, Mag. M. Geller, Dr. Ad. Ziller, Adv. L. Seidner, S. Weisselberger, Dr. Iak. Krell, Adv. Ch. Saller, Prof. I. Grünberg, Ing. D. Kronenfeld, S. Picker, Adv. Noe Lehrer, M. Schwarzkopf, Adv. I. Kirmayer, Max Reinstein, Prof. B. Eisenthal, Dr. Srul Osterer, Dr. Fr. Nasspreis, Bernh. Scherzer, Dr. Adele Fleischer, Salo Woraczek, Dr. L. Brenner, Osn. Osterer, Willy Kliegler, Eva Schieber Fiedler, Dr. Abr. Kaswan, Dr. Saul Klier, Isak Fernhof, L. Eifermann, Dr. Ulrich Schächter, Iosef Bickel, Dr. Hersch Lecker, Dr. Meinh. Roth, Dr. Paul Lessing, Adolf Feldmann, Adv. M. Schapira, Dr. L. Mader, Dr. Josef Thau, Dr. M. Wiesenthal, Dr. B. Kasvan, Dr. Bernh. Kahane, Sim. Rosenrauch, N. Linker, M. Weissmann, S. Habermann, Mend. Zucker, Adv. M. Abramovici, Calm. Katz, Ing. Isr. Stenzler, Dr. Fritz Wagschal, Ios. Kinsbrunner, Dr. Wilh. Stecher, Dr. Iacob Iekeles, Rudolf Katz, Dr. Iacob Geller, Dr. Bernh. Stecher, Dr. Leonh. Eckstein, Prof. Isr. Schleyer, Prof. Dav. Lesczer, Leo Wiener, Samuel Stieber, Dr. Benj. Lessner, Dr. Ios. Diwer, Dr. Sal. Harnik, Dr. Salo Krässel, Dr. Norbert Kiwe, Dr. Moriz Zalman, Karl Metsch, Dr. Samuel Hammer, Chaim Osterer, Dr. Emanul Wagner, Adv. Aron Hechtlinger, Dr. M. Diamant, Dr. Moses Bardich, Prof. Dr. S. Hornstein, Dr. Mar. Sommer, Dr. Ios. Kaufmann, Prof. M. Herbst, Prof. Teod. Kern, Dr. Isid. Kottlar, Dr. Mark. Krämer [Dr. Markus Kramer], Dr. Karl Hasko, Dr. S. Brettschneider, Dr. Wolf Herzberg, Dr. Iosef Sperber, Dr. Saul Geiger, Dr. Ad. Niederhofer, Dr. Herm. Ebner, Dr. Mos. Glaubach, Dr. Ios. Miseles, Dr. Mordko Rotfeld, Iakob Czaczkes, Mos. Seidmann, Adv. Iak. Hasenfratz, Iosef Kula, Adv. Israel Goldhagen, Abrah. Friedmann, Adv. Herm. Lifsches, Dr. Heinr. Kreisel, Dr. Wolf Riznik, Adv. Simon Stein, Osico Wolfshaut, Adv. Herm. Spasser, Adv. Laz. Fränkel, Adv. Er. Kupferberg, Adv. Izio Halpern, Adv. M. Hammer, Adv. Max Halpern, Mag. Ak. Finkental

Younger and Older Kids from Bukovina and Bessarabia

480479_514846651885483_260365461_nStudents and teachers in a classroom of the first Jewish kindergarten, Czernowitz; ca. 1920s. Affiliated with Po‘ale Tsiyon, this was one of many schools known as “Borokhov” schools, which taught both Zionism and Yiddish culture. A portrait of Borokhov hangs in the background. (YIVO)

535812_514842025219279_178879659_nYoung men and women reading newspapers at the Labor Zionist Eliezer Shteynbarg Reading Room, Lipcani-Târg, Romania (now Lipcani, Moldova), 1930s. Pictures on the wall include portraits of Yiddish authors Sholem Aleichem, Eliezer Steinbarg, and Yitskhok Leybush Peretz and Zionist ideologue Ber Borokhov. (YIVO)

Freemasons Lodge of Czernowitz


USHMM (Courtesy of Martha Guttmann Blum): Group portrait of members of the Freemasons Lodge of Chernovtsy, Bukovina, approximately 75 percent of whom were Jewish. The members were mainly intellectuals and leaders in business and local government. Among those pictured are Dr. Max Ennis (top row, third from the left); pharmacist, Dr. Abraham Guttman (top row, far right); an official in the revenue service, Dr. Max Gottfried (second row from the top, sixth from the left); and the judge, Dr. Jacob Rubel (third row from the top, far left). Chernovtsy, Romania, 1920 – 1925.


USHMM (Courtesy of Lotte Gottfried Hirsch): Members of the mostly Jewish Masonic lodge in Czernowitz celebrate the 70th birthday of Dr. Isidor Gold (center). Women attended lodge meetings on special occasions such as this one. Chernovtsy, Romania, August 1937.

the ORT in Bukovina and Bessarabia

In my Inbox this morning was an email from one Alexandra Nichitean with two photos and a link. Both photos are presumably from the ORT in Czernowitz. The one of the girls on the steps we have posted before, but the Chess game photo is new: Perhaps someone can identify people in this photo?


This chess photo and the photo taken on the steps of the ORT in Czernowitz are part of a collection of 28 very interesting photos accessible through the link directly below:
I believe the remaining 26 photos are all from Bessarabia, but I don’t know that for sure

The source of the collection comes from: http://www.ozet.ort.spb.ru/ Which contains hundreds of photos and a wealth of other information about the ORT (in several languages).