5 thoughts on “Comments on Romania Holocaust Memorial Page

  1. Hardy

    Thank you Edgar for the report.I see that the memorial is near the Dambovita riverbut exactly where ?One of the 3 soldiers bows his head :reverence or mockery ?Hardy

  2. Edgar Hauster

    Hi Hardy,Thank you for your comment. The memorial area, just in front of the Ministry for Internal Affairs, is delimited by the following streets:Anghel Saligni, Mihai Voda, Brezoianu, Lipscani.Regarding the soldiers: no mockery, but just acted reverence, playing/exercising the role of President Traian Basescu for next day’s inauguration ceremony.BTW: 30 trees have been moved from there, 1 tree per 10,000 murdered Jews.

  3. Irene Fishler

    Thank you, Edgar, our best “rasender Reporter” !For everyone who wants to see the place ,look at this bird’s eye map of Bucarest. Pan the map to the W, all along the Lipscani street until it meets the River Dimbovita. There you’ll find the green square as it looked before they built the memorial. ( I hope the link works from the Blog )http://www.apmnir.ro/map.php

  4. Yitzkhak Rosner

    Thank you very much Edgar and Hardy,As a survivor of Transnistria it was important for me to see the memorial and you gave me this opportunity.

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