Does anyone know of the Feuersteins?

My questions about the picture – any insight / guesses are hugely appreciated!! :
Matching Robes / outfits? –
Do you recognize the matching outfits Mina and Perel are wearing?
Do they signify something? Can you guess what might have been the occasion?
What event might have cousins dressing exactly the same? … and worthy of taking a picture?
Year of picture? –
any guesses about the ages of Perel and/or Mina are welcome!
Also perhaps the hairdo’s or clothing reveal when picture was taken?
Studio name? –
do you recognize the name of the studio on the back of the picture?
Where might the studio have been located?
Does this reveal anything about the possible timing this picture was taken?
*note: the picture measures 3.5” x 2.75” and is on a very thick cardboard, in case this helps.
Does anyone know of the Feuersteins? … or maybe even Mina or Perel?

Any and all responses / guesses / comments are extremely welcome!!
Steven Gruber (