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Does anyone know of the Feuersteins?

My questions about the picture – any insight / guesses are hugely appreciated!! :
Matching Robes / outfits? –
Do you recognize the matching outfits Mina and Perel are wearing?
Do they signify something? Can you guess what might have been the occasion?
What event might have cousins dressing exactly the same? … and worthy of taking a picture?
Year of picture? –
any guesses about the ages of Perel and/or Mina are welcome!
Also perhaps the hairdo’s or clothing reveal when picture was taken?
Studio name? –
do you recognize the name of the studio on the back of the picture?
Where might the studio have been located?
Does this reveal anything about the possible timing this picture was taken?
*note: the picture measures 3.5” x 2.75” and is on a very thick cardboard, in case this helps.
Does anyone know of the Feuersteins? … or maybe even Mina or Perel?

Any and all responses / guesses / comments are extremely welcome!!
Steven Gruber (

Introducing Centropa’s AudioWalk – Chernivtsi

Explore the rich Jewish heritage of Chernivtsi

Developed by Centropa, the Bureau of Memory Culture, the Chernivtsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews and NGO Mnemonics, this AudioWalk allows you to learn more about the unique multiethnic history of Chernivtsi, a city which today is located in southwestern Ukraine, but was once part of the Habsburg Empire, and known for its vibrant Jewish life.

This AudioWalk tells the Jewish history of Chernivtsi through eight personal stories of Jewish Holocaust Survivors who shared their memories in Centropa interviews. They will be your guides through the town, and to the places you are about to visit.


Dora Katz – A Research by Ellen Trencher

I know this is a long shot but worth a try. 

I recently discovered that my grandmother Celia Katz (1895-1981) and her sister Pauline (1892-1972) had a sister Dora which I discovered through correspondence from 1936.  Celia and Pauline, who are mentioned in the letter below, emigrated to the USA. Dora, their parents, as well as people mentioned in the letter below, did not. 
They were born to Solomon/Zalman Katz and Rose Fuchs in Chudey, about 10 miles from Czernowitz. 
For years I have been trying to obtain info about the family that remained behind. In addition I have been unable to locate any birth records for Celia and Pauline. 
Any guidance, help would be greatly appreciated.  
Thanks so much. 

Stand with Ukraine • An Appeal from Czernowitz

Meeting Friends in Czernowitz in 2018:

An Appeal from Czernowitz by Mykola Kuschnir (English):

An Appeal from Czernowitz by Mykola Kuschnir (German):

Here are just a few selected options to help the People of Ukraine, Czernowitz and Ukraine’s Jewish community:

A Story of Clara Kamil-Rosner, Jew of Bukovina: From Wiznitz to Lyon, 1908-1987


Editions Le Manuscrit: Based on interviews conducted with his mother over a period of eight years, the author recounts the life of his two parents, Jews from Bukovina who emigrated to Paris in 1937. Sjoma, integrated into a company of foreign workers, was deported to Auschwitz in 1943. Clara managed to raise her child and hide in the village of La Pérrière, in the Orne region. In 1945, she leaves to live with her son in Boulogne.

The Nazi Collaborator Monument Project • Nazi Collaborator Monuments in Romania



• Albert Wass (Vas) – ACNSAS, File P. 1127, ff.31-34. (pdf.37- 40)
• Ion Antonescu – ACNSAS, File P 13250, vol. 2, ff. 363-499. (pdf. 460-595)
• Radu Gyr – ACNSAS, File P.77 , vol. 10, partea a II-a, ff. 309-356. (pdf. 367-415)
• Vintilă Horia și Visorion Puiu – ACNSAS, File P 751, vol. 8, ff. 121-147. (pdf. 142- 168)
• Mircea Vulcănescu si Gheorghe Jienescu – ACNSAS, File P 232, vol. 13, ff.29-68. (pdf.54-93)

Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery 1992 by Boris Dratva

• Commentary by Anna Barth’s son, who is visiting Czernowitz from [Venezuela] in May 1992
• Interview with Boris Dratva
• Interviews with Holocaust survivors
• Vandalism at the cemetery

HEADSTONES [in order of appearance]: Anna Kahane • Ruchel Kramer • Mali [?] Rosenberg • Golde Hecht • Anna Barth • Israel Schorr • Aron Moses Weissman • Mortco Kirmayer • Berl Brandmann • Abraham Gewürz • Gusta Baar • Simon Leiser Kinsbrunner • Bertha Kinsbrunner, née Schimmel • Sidi [?] Herman • Dora Kuppermann • Nathan Tropper • Emanuel Salter, Kamena • Elias Kampelmacher • Markus Kampelmacher • Dr. Benno Straucher • Fany Straucher Rosenstraus • Dr. Eduard Straucher • Marie Fischer-Straucher • David Tittinger • Berta Goldenberg • Pepi Trichter • Josef Steiner • Babette Steiner, née Kraus • Emil Steiner • Samuel Dankner • Calman Fischer • Chawe Hudel Krell • Markus und Dora Gewürz • Samuel Hechler [?] / Mechler [?] • Bruno Tittinger • Dr. Ludwig Chaies • Helene Rosenkranz • Aron Rosenkranz • Dr. Leo Rosen • Henriette Rosenzweig • Anna Zirl Abeles • Leon Abeles • Chaim Rosenzweig • David Altmann • Rose Altmann, née Luft • Berta Eisenberg, née Altmann • Jonas Grabstein • Salomon Goldschmidt • Rosa de Anhauch • Berl und Brane Rudel • Eliezer Steinbarg • Betty Bursztyn

Hedwig Brenner • Homage to a Pioneer

Erhard Roy Wiehn: Homage to a Pioneer
Christel Wollmann-Fiedler: Dearest Hedy
Artists of Jewish Origin with Hedwig Brenner

I. Christel Wollmann-Fiedler in Conversation with Hedy Brenner

II. Prefaces and Epilogues in the Sequence of the Six Brenner Volumes
Jewish Women in Visual Arts I (1998)
Jewish Women in Visual Arts II (2004)
Jewish Women in Visual Arts III (2007)
Jewish Women in Visual Arts IV (2011)
Jewish Women in Visual Arts V (2013)
Jewish Women in Music and Dance VI (2017)

III. Hedwig Brenner with Christel Wollmann-Fiedler

“Against All Odds” by Jillian Rothwell

Back cover: “This dramatic story of hope and devotion is based entirely on the cache of letters and documents found in an old 1930s suitcase. They bear an extraordinary witness to these epic events. Intrigued by these family letters, Jillian Rothwell travelled half way across the world to trace generations of her family’s journey from the Hapsburg Empire’s Eastern provinces to occupied Vienna and beyond. Out of the carnage that was engulfing Europe, she uncovered the astonishing story of two courageous and remarkable Viennese who steered the family’s miraculous survival, astonishing luck, dramatic departures and last minute getaways, all the way to the safe haven of New Zealand. At first it was not all plain sailing, but eventually their new home provided hope, purpose and abundant opportunities for the family to finally ‘make it’.”

Review by George Heagney: Author recounts family’s escape from Nazi-occupied Vienna to New Zealand