A Czernowitzer on Java!

In the 1930s, the Czernowitzer Julius Fuhrmann was the bandleader of the famous Julien Foorman Orchestra performing at the legendary Hotel der Nederlanden in Batavia.

Czernowitz: http://czernowitzdaily.blogspot.de/2012/03/blog-post_20.html
Batavia: http://kranten.kb.nl/
Singapore: http://newspapers.nl.sg/
Maritime: http://www.maritiemdigitaal.nl/

8 thoughts on “A Czernowitzer on Java!

  1. Hedwig Brenner

    Hi EDgar, If some said “Czernowitz is on the whole world” it is not a wit, nor a lie…It is yhr trooth….I enjoyed the Fuhrman Orchestra, and the peasant roumanian outfit, with the famous”Bunditza”…Thanks a lot,you are unique in founding tresures

  2. melita fuhrman vickter

    That’s my uncle Julian Fuhrman, along with my uncles Otto Fuhrman & Isui Fuhrman, and my cousin Max.

    Thank you, Edgar!

    1. edgarhauster Post author

      WOW, thank you so much for your comment! Do you have more details on the biography of Julian/Julien/Julius?

  3. Marc Foorman

    This is fascinating after so many, many years.
    Julien Foorman was my uncle. As a beginner musician I worked with him in Singapore during the late 1940’s. in his orchestra I played the organ, and drums.
    I was born in Czernowitz but never actually lived there.

  4. edgarhauster Post author

    Welcome to the show! Your comment is fabulous. I’ll come back to you and to the group as soon as possible with more details on the photography and additional articles from Czernowitz, Batavia and Singapore, covering the performance of the Julien Foorman Orchestra! Warmest wishes for now!

  5. Nurit Benzvi

    Hello Edgar,
    These photos are amazing! Now I recall my mother (a Czernowitzer of origin) telling me, quite vaguely, about some
    memberts of her family, all musicians, who lived partially in Holland, then in Singapore and even in India.
    My mother was born to Anna Auerbach (nee: HALM) and is related to this branch of the family – to the Fuhrmans. I can remember her mentioned more then once about Julius, Isui and Otto, who were her cousins (think second degree cousins). I have never met Max, so I would like to know whether you got more info about the orchestra, and biographical info about the Foorman brothers. Such info may shad more light on my family roots from Czernowitz.
    And Shanah Tova,
    Nurit Ben Zvi,


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