Identify these folks for Andy Halmay

I found this very bright and clear snapshot (attached) of my late uncle Julius Gutmann with a group of happy looking people in 1943. To the best of my recollection, he and my aunt Hilda and cousin Turi together with 40 other Jewish families from Cz or Bukovina traded all their belongings for a ship which they intended to sail to Palestine. I believe this was in 1940.

The ship was not seaworthy and went down off Turkey but no lives were lost and they ended up in a British camp on Cyprus which, apparently, they thoroughly enjoyed.

I am not clear on when they made it to Israel. This picture was taken in Pedoulas, Cyprus. The text is from the back of the snapshot. He mentions some names that are not familiar to me which would have been known by my parents thus I presume they were Czernowitzers.

I would like our group to check the faces to see if anyone recognizes anyone.