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  1. Miriam (Mimi) Taylor

    Thank you Edgar for posting these guidelines for network etiquette.
    Anyone who does not have the time or patience to read
    the whole article Edgar posted, it can be summed up thus:
    1. Be polite; refrain from personal attacks on members of the list.
    2. Refrain from publishing to the list, information sent to you privately by anyone member of the list.
    3. Limit your messages to topics pertinent to the subjects of Czernowitz and Bukovina.


    1. Christian Herrmann

      I would make a distinction between obligations of the list owners and obligations of the list users.

      Mimi already wrote about the obligations of the users. I would add this:
      4. Don’t post anything that is protected by copyright. By posting you assure that no rights of a third party are touched.
      5. No mails will be forwarded that discriminate individuals or groups due to nationality, sexual orientation or religion.

      This are the obligations of the list owners:

      1. Keeping the website and mailing-list service available (further definition needed)
      2. Reacting on incoming mails within a defined number of hours
      3. Judge every mail equal

  2. Bruce Reisch

    I hope it says something in there about posting in Plain Text, too! (Just kidding.) We have few rules on the Czernowitz list, and we’re much less restrictive about our moderation policies than many other genealogy/history forums. But we do ask that posts be reasonably on-topic, and represent civil discourse rather than put-downs, which generally lead to flame wars that are entirely divisive. I don’t think your moderators ask too much – and very few messages are ever rejected. Most understand why and are happy to re-post in a more acceptable way, while others do not. The list moderators do their best, and will continue to do so. Any better than that we can not do! But we can always try.

    We enjoy being a part of this thing we call Ehpes plus the List and the Off-Topic Blog. Ten years ago, there was nowhere to go, and little knowledge of any of the genealogical resources out there. Much has changed, plus we’ve drawn together the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation along with native born Bukoviners in a free exchange of information and ideas! Our list archive and website have become an unexpectedly rich resource! Let’s keep up the good work and the friendship, too.


  3. Andy Halmay

    For someone who advocates no personal attacks, Mr. Hauster, you pull off a
    classic attack on Serah that is reminiscent of an SS interrogation, gathering
    “evidence” and putting it on the table which has a flag beside it with the
    famous Hakenkreuz. She has provided her opinions based on personal experience
    and I find nothing offensive in that.

    Far, far more offensive, in my opinion, and not to get personal, are people
    whose entire attitude reeks of egotism and hypocritic political correctness.
    I find that totally emetic.

    I am also sending this to you personally in the event it is censored.

    Now, on the censorship subject, I find the statement at the end of the
    forwarded group of messages somewhat at odds with a “moderated” site –
    I quote: “The opinions expressed in these posts are the opinions of the
    original poster only and not necessarily the opinions of the List Owner,
    the Webmaster or any other members or entities connected with this
    mailing list.”

    Andy Halmay

  4. jerome

    Andy… I think if you go to the Archives or your personal files and carefully re-read Edgar’s email to the group where he took issue with Serah’s post you will find: that although Edgar vehemently disagreed with a number of the statements that Serah put forward; he did not defame her as a person. Remember also that this was an interchange in written English by two people who’s native language is not English. Edgar and Serah’s interchange was essentially about content and so passed the test.

    Your remarks about the discussion were about the tactics of the discussants not about the content. With one you had no trouble; to the other you, assessed techniques reminiscent of the SS. That’s where the line was crossed for us. It was clearly meant to defame and was thus rejected.

    Looking at your final statement about inconsistency regarding the moderation process and the disclaimer about the opinions of the original poster NOT NECESSARILY being those of the moderators or other entities connected with the list: The moderation process measures only two things: Is the post reasonably on topic; and is it disrespectful of another LIST MEMBER. Period. I see no contradiction there whatsoever.


  5. Bruce Reisch

    In fact, many messages are posted to which the moderators have differing opinions. It’s not at all a factor in deciding whether a message is posted. It was our intention that an outside reader or organization not ascribe to the entire list the opinions that the read in a few messages that are sampled.

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