R.I.P. Die Stimme • Mitteilungsblatt für die Bukowiner

Bukovina’s longest-running – and only remaining – Jewish newspaper, Die Stimme [The Voice], printed its final edition for December 2017. After 798 editions over 73 years, “Die Stimme”, once founded by Dr. Elias (Eliahu) Weinstein, the former publisher of the Czernowitzer Morgenblatt,


lapses into silent. “It’s sad but inevitable,“ stated both Bärbel Rabi, the editor in chief of „Die Stimme“, as well as Yochanan Ron-Singer, the president of „The World Organization of Bukovinaian Jews“. Really sad, since there’s a lot of history, a lot of wonderful people over the years and for German reading Czernowitzers/Bukovinians an era comes to its end.