Czrenovitzer Fraint Mir Heiben on.

Liebe Czernowitzer Fraint.Di letste tzwai wochenseinen gevein schvere teig far yeden einem,as mir hoben gueendiktmit di holushkes und ungehoiben sich tzu dermanen in di fargangene yurn es ist uns alleshveir guevoren of dein hartz.

Dear Czernowitzer friends; the last two weeks were difficult days for all of us, as we did finish with the holushkes, and then started to go back to the bygone years, and all of us got heavy hearts.

Mein zugt as es ist shver tzu zain a yid, und dus ist emes. Mir leben mit di gedanke fun di shlejte tzaitn und mir vilen nisht farguesen dus vus hot pasirt.

They say is difficult to be Jewish, and t is true. We live with our remembrances of the bad times and we don’t want to forget what happened

A teil fun uns vilen moichel zein und andere pushet vilen nisht . Yeider einer hot dos recht tzu denken vi er vil und men darf keinem nisht bashuldigen, vail beide zeine gerecht.

Some of us want to forgive, and some simply don’t want to. Every one has the right to think as he pleases, and we can’t Judge them because both are right.

Maine fraint mir veisen as di welt hotuns nischt lieb, un es drikzij ois in farshidene vegen, ober men ken gurnisht oder zeir veinik ton, men mus leben vaiter und mir turn zij nisht losen mit di fis treiten.

My friends, we know that the World doesn’t like us, and we perceive it in different ways, but there is nothing we can do about it or very little, life has to go on and we should not allow to be trampled by any body.

Mir darfen gein Vaiter,und un halten ales vus hot uns gebracht bis aher.Mentur gurnisht farliren, mir darfen vainen und lachn, mir darfen zeij delectiren mit di machulem vus unzer muters und babes hoben far uns guemacht, mit unzere vitzn und zeir vichtig unsere gelibteyidishe shprach.Lo mir ale eneinemtun vusmir kenen kedei zi zol nisht engantsenuntergein.

We have to continue, and keep every thing that has brought us up to this time. We should not get anything lost, we have to laugh, and cry, we have to enjoy the wonderful feasts that our mothers and grand mothers made for us, our Jokes and above all our beloved Yiddish language. We should all together, do as much as we can, so that it does not disappear all together.

Vus epes mir velen tienis tumet beser vi gurnisht, und tumet kemen es farbesern.

What ever we can do is always better than nothing, and we can always improve it.

Eich vil hofen as ale veren mier hobn a Grosse anue, naches und freit fun dos vos mir heibn haint un.

I want to hope that all of us are going to have great pleasure and joy from what we are starting to day.

A sheinem grus far ale: Isidoro

With kind regards for every body, Isidoro,

Isidoro Zaidman

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