Other themes not included in ephes

I like the idea. There are a lot of things that don’t go on ephes. For now I will concentrate on the geanology isue – with no conection to Cernowitz.

The problem is that my English is very low, and that is one reason that I did not participated more at the ephes.Because I am considered the “geanologist frick” in our family, they put me in charge for recearching my wife’s side (Polish in origin) an my son in law’s side (origin from Iraq).

Will I have any help from this blog?  That’s enough for first time post.

Asher turtel.

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  1. Administrator

    Asher… that’s great. Your English is far better than my Hebrew. I’m pleased that you got through the posting process. Hopefully the Blog will be useful in many ways. Right now, only the people I sent the email to know about the Blog. We shall see. Thanks again!jerome


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