2 thoughts on “The Jewish Hospital in Czernowitz

  1. Robert Burton

    Noa Lehr was my great grandfather. He owned the soap works and tannery. I understand he donated/paid for the building of the Jewish Hospital. His daughter, Rachel – Regina – married Max Kula who owned a very large estate – cattle ranch. His cattle were the raw materials for the soapworks and tannery. Noa died in 1937. Max died in Cyprus in 1943 – he had gone into the water when the Vitoriul broke up in Constantinople harbour, and eventually. He and Regina finally got visas to go to Cyprus, where life was hard. After her passed away, Regina was able to reach Palestine – 1944. In 1951 she left and joined her daughter – my mother – in Toronto Canada. She was joined by her other daughter Fina and her family very shortly after. Earlie her son Edward, who had gone to France and become a doctor, came to Toronto with his wife Jeanne – Lilly- and he qualified to practice medicine in Toronto. Lilly was French, and had carried the seal of the Free French Government in Exile in Occupied France.

    Regina died following a stroke in 1964. Edward died in 1973, Susan in 1996 and Fina some years later (her husband, Licu, had died a few years after they had come to Canada. After Edward died, Lilly returned to France and died about 10 or 15 years ago.

    We trace our lines back many generations. It is amazing how the Jews of Bukovina have succeeded and prospered in every corner of the world. The world has changed mightily, but the memories and examples from the past, like Noa Lehr, still guide and teach us. O, what a wondrous world !!


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