People in the Photo

From Ina Lancman :

Itzik Manger, standing; NH Kon (blond hair) on the left. Czernowitz, late 1920s.
Does anyone know who the other two people are?

Also,I would like once again to thank all who sent me their warm wishes, thoughts, and suggestions in connection with our “rescue” of my father’s writings

Ina Lancman

3 thoughts on “People in the Photo

  1. Edgar Hauster


    Amazing contribution, thank you so much. Yitskhok Niborski’s statement is in line with Andrei Corbea-Hoisie’s assumtion too and it finally solves, as Irene mentioned, “The Third Man Enigma”:

    What an amazing photo! I wonder if Yitskhok Niborski knew about a possible relation between Simkhe Schwartz and Arnold Schwarz, the editor of “Der Tag”.


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