Inauguration of the Jewish Hospital “King Ferdinand I” on March 3rd, 1935


Dr. Josef Ohrenstein (Courtesy by Rob Gartenberg)

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Markus Zucker – Philanthropist, main sponsor
Fanny Rosenzweig – Philanthropist, main sponsor
Joseph Schmidt – Tenor, main Sponsor

Dr. Mark – Chief Rabbi
Dr. Menczer – President of the Jewish Community
Mr Solomovici – Vice President of the Jewish Community
Dr. Josef Ohrenstein – Director of the Jewish Hospital
Dr. Straucher – Former President of the Jewish Community
Dr. Ebner-Fleminger – Former President of the Jewish Community
Dr. Goldfrucht – Ambulance Corps
Dr. Weich – Women Benevolent Society
Mr Klüger – President of the Bnei Brith Lodge
Miss Klinger – Speech in Hebrew
Dr. Grünberg – [Jewish] United Party
Mr Pimes – Jewish Bessarabian Territorial Association
Mrs Menczer – Wife of the President of the Jewish Community
Dr. Greif – Wife of the Vice President of the Jewish Community
Claire Zwecker – Wife of the Head of the Jewish [Religious] Community

Dr. Ion Nistor – Minister for Employment
Dr. Dimitrie Marmeliuc – Mayor
Gheorghe Vantu – Czernowitz District Prefect
A. Apati – Storojinet Prefect
Dr. Morariu – Member of Parliament
Dr. Teodorescu – Head of the General Sanitary Inspectorate
Mr Grossariu – Police Secretary
Dr. Hammer – Police Chief Coucellor
Dr. Bodea – President of the Supervisory Board of the Electricity Plant
Albert von Anhauch – Industrialist
Mr Gheorghian – Government Commissioner for the Savings Bank
Dr. Strejac – Chief Physician

Dr. Nicola Pende – Dean of the Medical College Genua

Mr Maurüber – Architect
Mr Rothleber – Architect
Mr. Ternbach – Artisan
Mr. Gewürz – Artisan
Mr. Trichter – Artisan
Philipp Dickman – Artisan
Mr. Hochmann – Artisan

Presidents of all charities
President of all students’ fraternities
Staff of the Jewish Hospital
Military surgeons
Hospital nurses


JosefSchmidtKonzert1933-1Joseph Schmidt’s Charity Concert (Courtesy by Irene Fishler)

6 thoughts on “Inauguration of the Jewish Hospital “King Ferdinand I” on March 3rd, 1935

  1. Edgar Hauster Post author

    Hedwig says:
    The lady nearby Dr.Ornstein is Dr.Rosa Sammet-Zaluziecky, the famous gynecologue in Czernowitz, after 1940 in Bukarest, there she was also my physician Her husband Dr.Zaluziecky was a famous heard physician, Ukrainian, against Soviets. After his death in Bukarest, Dr.Samet/Zaluziezky emigrated with her son to Israel..

  2. Edgar Hauster Post author

    Mimi says:
    Dr. Rosa Samet was a gynecologist and obstetrician and assisted at my birth. I have a better photograph of her, in which she is much better looking. Her husband, Dr. Alexis Vladimir Zaloziecki, was in the nineteen thirties considered the best physician in town. He was also the head of the Ruthenian political party and known as a witty humorist. Mimi

  3. Weissmanns

    Yes, I also knew Dr. Samet,in Bukarest, my parents were friends with them, she was called Rosalka and was a warm, very cultivated person. Her husband was a “hochmendicker”, and as soon as we entered the house, he would say something funny and very to the point. He was something of an eccentric,especially with his patients, but they thought the more of him because of that. I believe that Aki, their son, still lives in Israel, he is a physicist if I remember well.

  4. Edgar Hauster Post author

    Hedwig says:
    Mimi is wrong, there were 2 brothers Dr.Zaloziecki, one was the famous cardiolog, the other was an art critic, art collector, who left his huge private art library in his home, very old books from 1557, the first printed books. I worked at that time in the public Czernowitz Library, 1940/1941, the soviets collected all the books from the left apartment, from the refugee to Romania, you can not imagine what a treasure it was…Alfred Kittner and A. Maurueber, the uncle of Emanuel Weissglass, were the manager, and we had an Ukrainian Director Dutko…Weissglass, Silbermann, the later husband of Edith Horowitz, and many others were working there also Ditzi Schwarz, the sister of the famous brothers Schwarz, the sculptor,the artist, and I.Kara, the university professor and author in Jashi, Romania…

  5. Edgar Hauster Post author

    Mimi says:
    From my parents I heard a lot about Dr. Med. Zaloziecki and his wife Dr. med. Rosa Samet. They did not mention Dr. Zaloziecki’s first name. But looking at the 1936 address book, I found: Zaloziecki Alexis Vlad, Dr. Medic, living on strada Romana. Zalozietcki Rosalia (Samet) Dr. Medica on strada Romana. Zalozietcki Vladimir Dr. Jurist on strada Iancu Flondor. This confirms that Dr. Samet was married to Dr Med..Alexis Vlad. Zaloziecki. Zvi Javetz in his book Erinnerungen an Czernowitz, writes that in 1918 the leader of the Ruthenian party was Dr. Volodymyr Zaloziecki, Look page 15 and page 23. All I can say is that because he writes: “Dr. Zaloziecki” I assume he means a medical Dr. and not a Jurist. I know nothing about an art critic by the name of Zaloziecki.

  6. Edgar Hauster Post author

    I strongly believe Hedwig is right; we are talking about two brothers:

    • Dr. Alexis Vlad Zaloziecki (Rosa Samet’s husband)
    • Dr. Wladimir Zaloziecki (Member of the Parliament and Head of the Ukrainian National Party)

    Introducing “Zaloziecki” into the search engine of the archives for “Der Tag” at

    we get 14 matches out of which 4 are related to Dr. Alexis Vlad Zaloziecki and the other 10 to Dr. Wladimir Zaloziecki.

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