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Inauguration of the Jewish Hospital “King Ferdinand I” on March 3rd, 1935


Dr. Josef Ohrenstein (Courtesy by Rob Gartenberg)

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Markus Zucker – Philanthropist, main sponsor
Fanny Rosenzweig – Philanthropist, main sponsor
Joseph Schmidt – Tenor, main Sponsor

Dr. Mark – Chief Rabbi
Dr. Menczer – President of the Jewish Community
Mr Solomovici – Vice President of the Jewish Community
Dr. Josef Ohrenstein – Director of the Jewish Hospital
Dr. Straucher – Former President of the Jewish Community
Dr. Ebner-Fleminger – Former President of the Jewish Community
Dr. Goldfrucht – Ambulance Corps
Dr. Weich – Women Benevolent Society
Mr Klüger – President of the Bnei Brith Lodge
Miss Klinger – Speech in Hebrew
Dr. Grünberg – [Jewish] United Party
Mr Pimes – Jewish Bessarabian Territorial Association
Mrs Menczer – Wife of the President of the Jewish Community
Dr. Greif – Wife of the Vice President of the Jewish Community
Claire Zwecker – Wife of the Head of the Jewish [Religious] Community

Dr. Ion Nistor – Minister for Employment
Dr. Dimitrie Marmeliuc – Mayor
Gheorghe Vantu – Czernowitz District Prefect
A. Apati – Storojinet Prefect
Dr. Morariu – Member of Parliament
Dr. Teodorescu – Head of the General Sanitary Inspectorate
Mr Grossariu – Police Secretary
Dr. Hammer – Police Chief Coucellor
Dr. Bodea – President of the Supervisory Board of the Electricity Plant
Albert von Anhauch – Industrialist
Mr Gheorghian – Government Commissioner for the Savings Bank
Dr. Strejac – Chief Physician

Dr. Nicola Pende – Dean of the Medical College Genua

Mr Maurüber – Architect
Mr Rothleber – Architect
Mr. Ternbach – Artisan
Mr. Gewürz – Artisan
Mr. Trichter – Artisan
Philipp Dickman – Artisan
Mr. Hochmann – Artisan

Presidents of all charities
President of all students’ fraternities
Staff of the Jewish Hospital
Military surgeons
Hospital nurses


JosefSchmidtKonzert1933-1Joseph Schmidt’s Charity Concert (Courtesy by Irene Fishler)

Part 3: Joseph Schmidt, a Star Fell!

ABC Radio National producer Natalie Kestecher visited the Eschenberg Observatory in Switzerland in September 2009 and coducted an interview with Markus Giesser, the Director of the Observatory, who – together with Freimut Börngen, the first discoverer  – named the Joseph Schmidt Asteroid.

ABC Radio National from Australia broadcasted on Saturday, 15 January 2011, the program “A Star Fell – Remembering Joseph Schmidt”, which won a silver medal in the Best Music Special category of the New York Radio Awards.

ABC Radio National: “In this moving account of his life, we hear the songs immortalised by Joseph Schmidt’s voice, as producer Natalie Kestecher searches the archives and the recollections of those old enough to remember. Natalie takes us to a Sydney hospital ward where a former Vienna Mozart choir boy (Erich Troyna) recalls a live radio performance in 1935, and to Switzerland where an astronomer (Markus Griesser) has kept Schmidt’s memory alive by naming an asteroid after him. There too, she visits the Joseph Schmidt archive, lovingly curated by his biographer Alfred Fassbind, a former tenor himself.”

Part 2: Joseph Schmidt, a Star in the Universe!

(day of birth) 04.03.1904 – 28.03.1934 (Der Tag Cz.)

(day of death) 16.11.1942 – 28.02.2012 (actual date)
Learn more about the Joseph Schmidt Asteroid by introducing the code 168321 into the search engine of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The name “Joseph Schmidt” for the asteroid was suggested by the first discoverer, the astronomer Freimut Börngen, and his colleague, the astronomer Markus Giesser.